AMD AM4 Socket For Ryzen CPUs Not Compatible With Some CPU Coolers

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AMD AM4 Socket

People who are extremely excited for the release of AMD?s Ryzen lineup of CPUs might want to hold on to their horses. Apparently, upgrading from an AMD AM4 socket CPU not only requires a new motherboard but a new cooler as well. Hence, it will be difficult to use older CPU coolers on the new platform.

AMD AM4 Socket Requires Not For Old CPU Coolers

Ever since the announcement of the new AMD AM4 platform, there has been a huge issue, as well as debates. These debates are usually about whether or not this new AMD socket will support existing AMD-ready CPU coolers via AMD AM2 compatible mounting solutions. AMD has been using the same mounting solution since the release of their AM2 socket back in 2006.

Hence, some people are expecting that nothing is going to be changed. However, there are numerous reports regarding the AMD AM4 socket on the Internet. And apparently, most of the reports suggest that the AM4 socket requires a new mounting solution.

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Instead of the old 96mm x 48mm mounting solution from the AM3 socket, AMD now appears to be using 90mm x 54mm. The AMD AM4 CPU requires more than just a motherboard, which is quite frustrating for some people. The image shown below in courtesy of Overclock3D provides a great view of the said changes.

AMD AM4 Socket

Noctua?s Take On AMD AM4 Socket Motherboard

Noctua has recently confirmed that their existing CPU coolers are going to be compatible with AMD?s AM4 socket. As a matter of fact, Noctua is generous enough to provide free AM4 mounting kit to everyone who uses a CPU cooler from Noctua that is under 10-years-old. However, there are exceptions such as NH-L9i series and their D0 series.

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On the other hand, Noctua didn?t confirm the fact that AMD is really using a new mounting solution. However, images of the AMD CPU socket later appeared. As a result, it has been confirmed that AMD will really change the mounting holes.

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