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Amazon’s Alexa Goes After Your Job At The Call Center After Setting Up Your Home

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Amazon's Alexa will take your job at the call center

Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants have become a trend these days. Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and of course, Amazon’s Alexa, are the ones popular in the field. However, it seems like Amazon is planning a bit larger than just an AI assistant as recent reports suggest they are designing Alexa to become a tech support in the near future.

Consumers all know that Alexa has been really useful in setting up their homes. But, Engadget reported that Amazon is upgrading to software for it to be able to answer your call for tech support. The online retail company has managed to “identify another market” that is ready for a shift in technology. So they are developing a software capable of fielding questions from phone calls and text messages.

The publication further noted that the company named the new software as “Lily.” Alongside the new software are Lex and Polly–two developer services of Amazon Web Services (AWS). They have the same natural language processing as Alexa that will enable them to power third-party apps. These services are also capable of supporting voice and text chat bots, which obviously will be helpful in tech support.

Software “Lily” is reportedly designed to be self-service from a caller’s perspective. However, Amazon still needs to hire service representatives for cases that need human support. More information is expected to come out sometime in March. Stay tuned for more updates.

Alexa Assistant Voice ID

Aside from developing a tech support, the online retailer company is also building a voice-recognition technology to be added to Alexa. According to a source of Time, the software would work by matching the person speaking to a pre-recorded voice sample to verify the speaker’s identity.

“A primary account holder would be able to require a specific voice print to access certain commands. A user would, for example, be able to set it so that a parent’s voice would be required to make a credit card purchase or turn on the coffee machine through the Echo,” the source said.

Through this new software, Amazon’s Voice ID technology would make Echo units easier to share among a group of people using the same device. But it is not yet clear if the Voice ID program will be available to other third-party devices or if it would be an Amazon Echo speakers exclusive.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and rumors about Amazon’s Alexa Assistant. What do you think of the upgrades the company is planning? Do you think it will be useful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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