Amazon Jumps Into The Video Gaming Business With Their Amazon Fire T.V

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Amazon Fire T.V
Amazon Fire T.V

After Amazon has spent a hefty amount of time showcasing their search for solutions on improved searching, connection speeds on streams and overall ecosystem overhaul on the their systems, Amazon had also introduced and revealed their gaming console and streaming device. They refer to the approach as ?Invent and Simplify.? The device is called ?Amazon Fire T.V.?

This is another addition to Amazon?s ever-growing collection of various streaming devices for each and everybody?s taste. By next month, it is said that it will also support hundreds and thousands of games to play. Amazon will take a key role in developing many of these games.

The console and streaming device in one is available for only $99. Additional $39.99 for the controller.The remote and box are relatively small and easy to handle. Just a wee bit bigger than a cigarette case.

Although Amazon Fire T.V is not really intended for gaming, it is also meant for consumers who does not have dedicated gaming consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. But this does not mean that it will be competing with current generation consoles, ?because of its limited capabilities which hardly match up with these powerhouses.

Although it may seem like Amazon Fire T.V is following the footsteps of Ouya and Gamestick. A quick answer is a ?no?. These dedicated hardware-gaming consoles didn?t get enough attention and acclaim to be popular, hence, it failed to become commercially successful. Amazon Fire T.V?s main purpose is still instant streaming and they?re just throwing in a ?bonus? with video gaming capability.

But with this ?bonus?, Amazon is recruiting for its internal development studio. Last February, they even acquired Double Helix, the studio behind Xbox One launch titles, Killer Instint and Strider. Now this is some extra bonus.

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