Amazon is changing how ComiXology works by dropping or revamping in app purchases

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Amazon is trying to avoid paying transaction fees to both Google and Apple by removing the in app purchases of ComiXology for the iOS and revamping the payment options for Android.

A few weeks ago, Amazon acquired ComiXology, a cloud based platform for reading, buying, and discovering digital comic books. With the acquisition, Amazon is free to make changes however they want. This new change that they have implemented has gotten fans of the digital service annoyed because the retail giant has stopped allowing in app purchases of comics within the iOS app and changed how in app purchases are made in the Android OS.

With regards to the iOS app, this move was made to prevent Apple from collecting 30 percent of each purchase within the app. This has been a standard for Apple since 2011. While this move is to not let Apple get some extra revenue, it also alienates the app?s user base because instead of buying from within the app, customers will now have to make purchases on the ComiXology website which is both tedious and counterproductive. The purchases made on the website will then be synced with the app once the user opens it, kind of like how eBooks work on Amazon?s Kindle app for iOS. Another annoying circumstance of this change is that it removes the ability for users to be notified about sales in the ComiXology app itself. iOS users will have to sign up for the newsletter to get the necessary information.

Android users will still be able to make in app purchases but they?ll no longer be able to pay using their Google Wallet. Shoppers will need to register a credit card or a PayPal account directly with ComiXology.

At the very least, Amazon is aware that these new changes are quite irritating and to soften the blow a bit, they are offering a promotion for those who upgrade to the latest versions of the apps on both OSes. In a blog post, the company said: ?Last, but not least, to thank our loyal customers and ease this transition, we are offering a $5 eGift Card credit to all those who have purchased through the comiXology platform in the past. This credit will be automatically applied throughout the day to those accounts who are eligible and all of those eligible have 30 days to purchase books with that credit. Enjoy.?

Even with this extra bonus, the news still doesn?t sit well with the major supporters of the app as it seems more like a chore to actually purchase comic books with the new changes. This could potentially do more harm than good as some users may choose to boycott the service entirely.

Photo Source: ComiXology official website

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