Amazon Go Locations, Technology & Updates: How to Figure Out This New Kind of Shopping Experience

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Amazon Go
Amazon Go

Amazon Go is simply amazing! It revolutionizes your shopping experience in the most fun, fast and convenient way. According to the narrator in the promotional video, “Four years ago, we started to wonder: What would shopping look like if you could walk into a store, grab what you want and just go?” That’s exactly what’s happening right now in Seattle.

As part of Amazon’s experimentation regarding bricks-and-mortar retail store, it has created a small grocery store in Seattle. This will let customers get drinks, meals and other items off the shelves and walk out immediately after. There’s no check out line, cash register, or long waits.

The retail giant announced on its website that customers need a smartphone up in order to get in. This had drastically eliminated the long rounds of cashiers and registers that could be a real headache to customers in a hurry.

Right now only Amazon employees are allowed to shop in the 1,800-square-foot store. It’s located on the ground floor of one for their new office towers in the downtown area in Seattle. They mentioned they’re planning to open the store to the public in early 2017. Offers include chef-made meal kits complete with ingredients for easy dinner preps at home.

Expansion of Amazon Stores

Over a year ago, Amazon opened its first physical bookstore in a Seattle mall. Now there are others in San Diego and Portland, Oregon areas. They are reported to also open additional bookstores in Boston and Chicago, per New York Times. The company is also working on another grocery store allowing customers to order food online. Then they can pick them up quickly by pulling into parking stalls.

The ?Just Walk Out? Technology

Technology is a big part of Amazon’s success and it sees it as useful in overhauling shopping in brick and mortar retail shops. Customers will then gain entry through a smartphone app. The company mentioned relying on a variety of technologies like those used in self-driving cars. They use computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning. Right now they still haven’t answered questions about how to handle shoplifting. Nor did they say if there would be employees that will check IDs for alcohol purposes.

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