Amazon Fire Phone Ready To Take On Apple and Samsung: Fire Phone vs iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5 ? Specs Showdown

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Amazon prepared to take on Apple and Samsung with new Fire Phone

After months of speculations, online retail giant Amazon has finally revealed their own smartphone. Dubbed as the ?Fire Phone,? the moniker is in obvious reference to the company?s successful eBook reader model called Kindle Fire. The new handset comes with interesting features such as 3D interface and a multi-purpose tool called Firefly, among others.

The Amazon Fire Phone has been announced at an official presentation event on Wednesday morning. In a move to up their ante against today?s stiff smartphone competition, Amazon decided to offer a new user experience via the device?s 3D interface that will be possible thanks to the phone?s multiple front cameras. A total of four cameras located on the phone?s front surface (excluding the main front camera used for video calling and taking selfies) will tract the user?s gaze and will identify how the head is positioned.

Although the Amazon Fire Phone may not offer the latest bleeding edge and state-of-the-art hardware features, its compact appeal along with Amazon?s reputation of straightforward and award-winning customer service may give it an opportunity to entice consumers away from Apple and Samsung. As such, here is a concise specs comparison between the new Amazon Fire Phone against industry heavyweights iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Form and Design

Of the three, Fire Phone is the heaviest at 160 g against the iPhone 5S? 112 g and Galaxy S5?s 145 g. But in terms of size, the Fire Phone is slightly smaller than Samsung?s flagship with a dimension of 139.2 x 66.5 x 8.9 mm, although the latter is thinner. Amazon?s handset sports a rubberized frame with durable Corning Gorilla glass on its front and back, along with CNC aluminum buttons. It over-all appeal may still be seen as less impressive than the iPhone?s upmarket, stylish look and the Galaxy S5?s waterproof form.

the new Amazon Fire Phone

the new Amazon Fire Phone


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, during his presentation, has eagerly described the Fire Phone?s display as ?HD.? Perhaps that?s all he will have to say about the model?s display. The new handset?s 4.7-inch screen is only 720 p, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 resulting to a meager pixel density of 315 ppi. That?s relatively modest if compared to the Galaxy S?5 full HD, 431 ppi display and even to the iPhone 5S? 326 ppi, 4-inch screen.


Maybe this is the area where the Amazon Fire Phone is hoping to conquer. Technically speaking, the phone has six cameras. But we will only discuss the two cameras that are actually capable of shooting photos. The Fire Phone has a 13-megapixel main camera and 2.1-megapixel front shooter. What makes its unique is that its rear camera has a five-element f/2.0 lens equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS). That said, the Amazon smartphone will be able to shoot better images in low-light environments, even though the Galaxy S5 has a 16-megapixel camera.

Camera comparison - Galaxy S5, Fire Phone, iPhone 5S (click to enlarge)

Camera comparison – Galaxy S5, Fire Phone, iPhone 5S (click to enlarge)

Apart from the above-mentioned specs, the new model has a lot of other features; the most notable of them is the Firefly. This is a recognition tool that has its own dedicated button at the side of the device. With it, users can identify a lot of things by using the phone?s camera ? barcodes are also recognized by this tool. The Firefly can also double as a quick camera launcher; users can push this button to power up the camera even when the phone is locked.

For a quick side-by-side specs comparison of the Amazon Fire Phone, iPhone 5S, and Galaxy S5, take a look at the image below taken from

Specs comparison - Fire Phone vs iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5

Specs comparison – Fire Phone vs iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S5 (click to enlarge)


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