Amazon Echo: Virtual Assistant To Act As Witness In A Crime

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Amazon Echo, the latest virtual servant, is currently a subject for evidence in an Arkansas murder case. Last November, Victor Collins was found lifeless after reportedly drinking with his friend, James Andrew Bates. Collins? body was seen in Bates? bathroom and evidence is?pointing to Bates as the alleged killer.

Bates owns an Amazon Echo, which the Arkansas Police are now looking into as evidence for the crime. And if they do succeed in this investigation, there are chances that the device could serve as an evidence in investigations.

Bates is set for trial on 2017 for allegedly killing Collins.

How will the Amazon Echo serve as a witness?

The Arkansas police recently released a warrant to Amazon to aid in the murder trial. In the warrant, Amazon was asked to surrender any audio or recordings to the police from Bates? Amazon Echo device.

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The device is equipped with Alexa, its virtual assistant, that owners could interact with to gather information. One of the major features of Amazon Echo is voice recognition. Voice recognition, on the other hand, automatically records a person?s voice once Alexa is activated.

Amazon Echo

These voice recordings are then sent to the cloud servers of Amazon to provide a response. All the recordings are also stored in the cloud to enable the users to browse the conversation history.

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This is what the Arkansas Police are looking forward to obtaining. Through the voice recordings collected in Bates? Amazon Echo, the authorities will be able to listen to the conversations or events that have taken place in the crime scene.

What does Amazon have to say about this?

As of the moment, Amazon refuses to give away information about their customers due to intellectual property rights. As per Mashable, the company will not be releasing any form of recordings unless the authorities provide them a valid and binding legal demand.

Kimberly Weber, James Andrew Bates? lawyer, also believes that obtaining information from the Amazon Echo would seriously violate the privacy of the owner.

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