Amazon Echo Updates: Amazon Goes Out of Stock, Sends Buyers to Retail Stores; See Where to Buy

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Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

For those thinking about giving their loved ones Amazon Echo while doing their last minute Christmas shopping, sorry folks–it’s sold out. The demand for Alexa, the voice-activated enabled smart speaker, was much higher than expected. Right now, Amazon has listed it out of stock up until January 19, 2017. It’s basically the same thing for Amazon Echo Dot, which is reportedly out of stock until December 27.

Amazon’s smart speaker was a massive hit and sales have been going up, up, up since it debuted in 2014. Last month, the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) said that Amazon just sold out over 5 million of them, with the first 2 million sales coming in from January to October 2016.

The availability of the product can vary by location so Amazon recommends contacting your local retail stores to check their on-hand availabilities. Some retailers might also be offering working demos for you to try out some of the features before buying it. So you can select a retailer here to find a store near you.

If you’re in luck, you might still be able to snag some Echoes and Echo Dots at Target and Best Buy retail outlets. But with Christmas drawing nearer by the day, you might find yourself competing with other last-minute shoppers. However, if you can wait until after the holiday season for it to be delivered, Amazon can still give you the Echo and Echo Dot during their Black Friday discounted prices at $140 and $40, respectively, per

Those in the U.K. are lucky because the Echo is still available online at 130 pounds. And for those who are curious, no, Amazon U.K. will not ship these units to the United States. According to an Amazon spokesperson, “Customer response to Echo and Echo Dot has been incredibly positive. Customers can order now to reserve their spot in line, and may also be able to find Echo and Echo Dot at Amazon Books stores, Prime Now, Amazon Pop-Up stores, and other retailers.”

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