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Amazon Echo: The Next Big Thing in Gadgets?

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Every smartphone has its own virtual assistant, which are developed by individual manufacturers. Like, for example, Google has Google Now, Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana and Amazon has Alexa.

The technical personalities will figure out that Alexa is very much different from the other virtual assistants, as it will be working with the new Amazon Echo device and not on handsets. Alexa could have been a successful virtual assistant without any additional highlights. But it?s integration into the new Amazon Echo takes it to new heights. Analysts also agree on that as per their speculation on Amazon Echo?s fast growth in popularity – the gadget is now one of the most popular and sold-out items on the e-commerce giant?s site. They are also projecting that the miniature voice-controlled machine will transcend smartwatches and fitness trackers in popularity as people become more used to it in their homes. The gadget is exceptionally flexible and it can be always improved and updated with new features.

People now use the system to play music, make and save their shopping list, read up on news or search online for a particular information they need. But what makes it different from functions on a smartphone? Echo?s integration of Amazon?s vocal assistant called Alexa makes it more promising and potentially stronger than Google Now or Apple?s Siri, in a way that it can be capable of digging deep and integrating itself into our daily routines unlike any other device as per report by Chronicle Council. The reviews on the site helped us get a transparent view on the capability of the new gizmo though the company refused to share sales numbers. Amazon is spending big to improve and get word out on this technology, with their goal of making it into a $1 billion business.

According to Chronicle Council, the two new models of the machine are already coming soon. One is a portable model and a model that can be integrated with existing speaker systems. What?s funny is that the device, which gets sold on Amazon for $180, is now sold at $300 on eBay. Echo is expected to become more popular than any other competing device because it has a way more instinctive system. It seems to improve its functionality and features as days pass by. Amazon?s engineers have been trying hard to make an ideal device for years and the way it is reaching its goal it makes it seem that the hard work paid off.

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