How To Use The New Amazon Echo: Price & Specs To Consider

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Amazon Echo

Amazon?s digital assistant, Alexa, has been gaining much foothold every day. Launched as merely a simple search assistant, it was then upgraded to include artificial intelligence. Because of this, it has become an instant hit. The famous digital assistant comes pre-programmed within Amazon?s line of speaker hardware, the Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo is a great tool to have around the house. It not only helps with online searches, it controls WiFi connected devices as well. And the best thing about all of these is, it can all be done with a simple voice command.

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Using the Amazon Echo?s digital assistant it pretty easy and straightforward. One only needs to issue a wake command to the device. Normally the wake command will be ?Alexa?. However, the Amazon Echo allows it to be changed to either ?Amazon? or ?Echo?. To do this, one needs to access the included iOS of Android app for the device. Users can also log in to their Amazon accounts at Once done, users can then start issuing commands to the device. Commands like, ?Alexa, set the timer for ten minutes?, or, ?Echo, convert ten ounces to cups?, are possible with the Amazon Echo. In essence, almost anything can be asked to the Amazon digital assistant.

Amazon Echo

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Apart from the usual web searches and pizza orders, the Amazon Echo can also be used to control WiFi connected devices. These devices range from light bulbs to thermostats. Various devices are available on the Amazon website for the Amazon Echo. Companies like Nest, Phillips, Samsung, and TP-Link have a few hardware built around the Amazon speaker. Once connected to the network, one can issue commands like ?dim the lights? or ?heat up the room? to the digital assistant.

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The Echo is available for $180 from the Amazon website. One will need either a computer or a mobile device running on iOS or Android to setup the wireless speaker. Another thing worth mentioning is, there must be a constant internet connection in order for the Amazon Echo to function properly. All of its commands are processed ?off-site? so a stable internet connection is a must.

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