Amazon Buys ComiXology, The Top Digital Comics Company; Marvel and DC are Okay With It

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Amazon Buys ComiXology, The Top Digital Comics Company; Marvel and DC are Okay With It

Comic books or graphic novels continue to rise in popularity, from being a product?with?a specific target market, to being a mainstream consumer item. The influence of comic books has greatly influenced?mass entertainment?that many hit movies and television shows have their roots in comics.

With the recent purchase of ComiXology by Amazon, it is expected that comic books would be making an even more pervasive influence in our daily life.

When the digital age started and computers and tablets became popular, comic books adapted easily to the digital format. From merely being copies of the printed book in digital form, many digital comics are now published in an interactive format where readers can tap or pinch portions of the comic page to focus on a specific panel or zoom in (or out) on an illustration or text.

One of the most successful companies in the digital comics platform, is ComiXology. With sales of more than four billion pages of comic books last year (2013), it rivals comic publishers Marvel and DC in distributing titles online.

With the backing of Amazon, ComiXology is expected to continue its dominance over other digital comic book distributors and increase the presence of digital comics on the online marketplace.

The purchase deal is set to be finalized by mid 2014 and was confirmed recently by ComiXology in the form of an open letter on the ComiXology website.

For the past few weeks, rumors were already circulating about the Amazon purchase, especially when ComiXology committed to a last minute sponsorship agreement with the just concluded Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, Washington. Industry observers saw this as a sign that the Amazon ? ComiXology deal was happening.

David Steinberger, CEO and co-founder of ComiXology said in the open letter that the Amazon purchase would make ComiXology’s ?crazy goal? of converting everyone in the planet into a comic book reader is ?more possible than ever before?.

He added that ?ComiXology will retain its identity as an Amazon subsidiary and we?re not anywhere near done ?taking comics further….We?ve only just begun.?

Amazon also confirmed the agreement by releasing a statement from Amazon VP David Naggar that stated that both Amazon and ComiXology ? ?share a passion for reinventing reading in a digital world.? Naggar is Amazon’s VP for content acquisition and independent publishing.

Many observers have mixed feelings about the Amazon acquisition. Some feel that the partnership would strengthen the digital comic industry by providing ComiXology with more muscle?in?the online market. Some, however feel that the focus of ComiXology will disappear within the vast Amazon jungle.

Major comic book?publishers like DC and Marvel told WIRED in recent stories about the purchase that their relationship with ComiXology will remain the same and they see the Amazon partnership as a boost in bringing graphic novels and digital comic books to fans all over the world.

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