Amazon and Best Buy Offer Unlocked Moto Z and Moto Z Play on Pre Order

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Moto Z
Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style 2016

Hoping to buy the latest Motorola flagship phones, but don?t want to get tied up with Verizon? Now you can with Motorola?s unlocked Moto Z and Moto Z Play devices. Apparently, the two Moto series are available on for pre order on Amazon and Best Buy.

The Moto Z series is a Verizon exclusive. According to reports, they remain an exclusive device for the network provider. That is until now, when you can freely buy them from the said retail stores. Interestingly, those who will pre-order will get unlocked units, meaning users can pop in any SIM and it will be free to use. Unfortunately, the Moto Z Force will remain a Verizon exclusive.

Moto Series Price

For the best priced of Motorola?s Moto Z series, consumers can choose the Moto ?Play with 1080p screen and Snapdragon 625. The price of the Moto Z series for Amazon and Best Buy is at $699.99 for the 64GB storage. The Moto Z Play, on the other hand, costs $449 for the 32GB storage.

Consumers who will pre-order the devices online will get the standard US warranty as well as a free, black Incipio offGRID 2220 mAH Moto Mod Portable Charger. Meanwhile, the Moto X Force is another flagship phone from the Motorola line.

The Moto X Force is waterproof, with all the advance input of hardware chips. The Moto X Force is equipped with 5.4? QUAD HD Amoled screen, a Snapdragon 810 chipset and a 3GB of RAM. It comes out of the box with Android?s Marshmallow OS and a 3,760 mAH battery. It also boasts a 21MP primary camera.

Consumers can also check on the Moto X Pure as recently, its price dropped in anticipation of the arrival of the Moto X 2016 flagship phone.

Motorola?s innovations have turned into something that consumers find attractive, practical and has value for their money. As the brand continues to expand, new models are expected to arrive. For now, consumers can enjoy the unlocked Moto Z and Moto ?Play from the Motorola brand.

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