Amazing Video Of Baby Being Born While Still In Amniotic Sac Is Your Miracle For The Day (Watch)

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Every day we witness a miracle. Being able to wake up to face another day is in itself a miracle but there is nothing more miraculous than seeing a baby born while still in an amniotic sac.

It is a beautiful rare moment as it is estimated to occur only once in every 80,000 births. The sac is normally broken during childbirth or a doctor pierces it during a caesarean.

The case is also called ?en caul? which means a baby is still encased in the amniotic sac at birth. Although this birth is rare, it?s safe for both moms and babies.

A viral Facebook video shows an amazing moment in which a baby is born while inside a fully-intact clear sac. It?s an experience that you may only get to encounter once in your entire lifetime.

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Footage of the baby moving around inside its sac has been viewed and shared countless times on Facebook. It has indeed left doctors and millions of people worldwide amazed.

Watch the clip below and prepare to be blessed with your miracle for the day. This video, however, is not for those with a weak stomach. ?


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The clip has earned various reactions from netizens. Facebook user named Anna Sanchez commented, ?Wow as much kids I had and have I had never felt so amazed just to see this amen to us mommies.? Kat Jester said she ?never liked the idea of a C-section but look how beautiful this is.

According to What To Expect, the amniotic sac encases both the placenta and the umbilical cord. Oxygen and nutrients pass from the bloodstream through the placenta and to the baby through the umbilical cord. That is how the baby survives.

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As seen in the clip, doctors eventually freed the baby out of the sac. The umbilical cord was still wrapped around the baby and it?s hard not to notice how cute the baby is!

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