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Amazing Facts About New Horizons Spacecraft

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Amazing facts about New Horizons Spacecraft

Do you know the connection between the New Horizons Spacecraft, the satellite that gave us the most amazing view of Pluto so far, and Sony?s very popular Play Station? Both share the same central processing unit – a 32-bit MIPS R3000 processor with a 12 MHz speed. This is just a few of the amazing Facts About New Horizons.

The space machine has been getting a lot of attention lately, all thanks to its very detailed capture of our cosmic cousin last Tuesday. It took almost nine years, and 3-billion miles of travel finally reaching Pluto ? and in essence, mankind has now visited every planet in the solar system.

Today, the New Horizons Spacecraft, has also taken photos of Pluto?s largest moon, Charon.

It was a very big step for mankind, and people were just all ?heart? for the tiny planet that scientists used to label as yet another moon in the sun?s celestial community.

But that?s not the only interesting facts about it:

Amazing Facts About New Horizons: Sony?s cousin

Yes, the New Horizons spacecraft is indeed run by the same processor as the original Sony Play Station. That?s according to tech firm Imagination Technologies’ Alexandru Voica, in a blog post.

“MIPS R3000 is a 32-bit RISC microprocessor chip found in workstations and servers designed by companies such as Evans & Sutherland, DEC, Silicon Graphics, Tandem Computers, Whitechapel Workstations and many others; most notably, it was the CPU of choice for the original PlayStation game console from Sony and is still being used by Toshiba in a range of microcontrollers.”

“You may have thought defeating Ruby Weapon was an achievement but try orchestrating a gravity-assisted flyby past Jupiter on a four-hour time delay,” it added.

Mongoose-V is a radiation-hardened version of the MIPS R3000 CPU. It was made by Florida-based Synova, another report said.

The New Horizons Spacecraft has someone onboard

That?s right, the spacecraft, the size of a baby grand piano, has an astronomer onboard. It is carrying the ashes of US astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, who discovered Pluto in 1930 and died in 1997.

He used to make homemade telescopes that led him to produce detailed drawings of Mars and Jupiter that so impressed professional astronomers that he was offered a job at Arizona’s Lowell Observatory. It was here where he discovered Pluto on February 13, 1930.

It is the first exploration of its kind done in 25 years

Mashable shared that we just witnessed something big as for the first time in history that a spacecraft saw the crags and cliffs of Pluto up close, revealing a new world to humans who have been waiting patiently for more than nine years on Earth.

NASA’s New Horizons craft, flew about 7,800 miles above Pluto’s surface for its closest pass of the tiny planet; and as New Horizons finishes its more than 3-billion-mile journey to Pluto, it extends humanity’s reach into the universe.

Now that?s a lot of facts to ?heart? about.

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