?Amanda Knox? Netflix Spoilers: The Truth to be Revealed in Documentary?

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The case of Amanda Knox has already been told several times in television and tabloids. Now Netflix makes an attempt to retell her story in a fair narrative. Could the truth finally be revealed this time?

Amanda Knox Netflix spoilers suggest that the question if Knox was a suspect or a victim will be answered. For years, people looked at her as a criminal. The highly anticipated Netflix documentary could prove that she is more than a murderer or not one at all.

Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn assure the audience about utilizing a different approach in their interviews. The directors have reportedly spent five years interviewing the people involved in the case, including Knox herself. Could this be her chance to clear her name?

Amanda Knox Netflix Spoilers

In the documentary, Knox narrates how her life was before and after the crime happens. For those who are not familiar with her case, it started when Meredith Kercher?s lifeless body was found in an apartment they were sharing in Perugia, Italy.

Knox had to spend four years in the Italian prison for the murder of her roommate. In 2015, her charges were cleared by Italy’s Supreme Court. Aside from Knox, her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, was also held responsible for the death of Kercher.

In one of her interviews for the documentary, Knox said she had a happy life before Italy. She said she wanted to get out of her comfort zone and see how that could turn her into an adult.

But after the death of Kercher, everyone knew every single thing about her including who she had sex with. Knox said she felt like a child again.

Knox admitted that she and Kercher were not the best of friends but she was also shocked about what happened. Now, as a Netflix documentary explores all sides of the case, truth could finally be known when it airs on Friday, September 30, 2016.

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