Amaama to Inazuma Episode 8 Recap and Review: Mikio Will Marry Tsumugi; Is Kotori Falling in Love?

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Amaama to Inazuma Episode 8

Amaama to Inazuma episode 8 opened with Kotori suddenly stress eating in class because her teacher-friend Kohei was absent today. She worries that something bad might have happened to him and she couldn?t contain her worry and negativity. Turns out that Kohei took the morning off to attend Tsumugi-chan?s parents? day in school.

Kohei hears the other moms talking about how they make new bags for their kids every year. Kohei sees Tsumugi-chan?s bag, looking old and stained. He worries and feels bad that he overlooked this.

But Tsumigi-chan is an amazing kid who is patient and kind to her classmates. Even Kohei was surprised to see this. The class was about to start a game with the parents when Mikio suddenly had to go poopies. Despite Mikio?s mom saying to not wait up for them, Tsumigi-chan boldly tells Mikio that she will wait for him to finish his poopies since it?s not everyday that they get to be with their parents in class. The whole class agreed and this left Kohei in awe for what Tsumugi-chan did.

Later that night, a funny-scary daddy moment happened. After telling her dad, Kohei, that she had fun today, Tsumugi-chan says to him, ?After you left, Mikio-kun said when we grow up he?ll marry me.? Kohei?s expression went from happy to almost dead at the thought of Mikio?s proposal. He asks Tsumugi-chan for her reply and she says (with so much suspense!), nwope with her tongue sticking out in disgust. ?Mikio is a meanie you know? Tsumugi says. Kohei laughs and feels relieved. Poor Mikio!

Still pitying Tsumugi-chan?s bag, Kohei offers to make her a new one to which Tsumugi-chan declines. She tells Kohei that she wants to continue using the old bag because mommy made it. Later on, Kohei tells Tsumugi that Daddy wants to be part of what Mommy made too and offered to put a cute patch to cover the stain. Tsumugi-chan happily agrees.

The dish featured in Amaama to Inazuma episode 8 is Stewed Squid and Yams (or Taro), which is one of Tsumugi-chan?s favorite food, previously cooked by her mom. Kohei decides to recreate this dish so that he can do something for good for Tsumugi, just like how his wife was as a mother when she was still alive.

Here is the recipe for the Squid and Taro/Yam Stew:

Amaama to Inazuma Episode 8

Amaama to Inazuma episode 8 ended with Tsumugi-chan proudly showing of her bag that mommy and daddy made together.

This episode shows how Kohei tries very hard to make sure that Tsumugi-chan gets all that she needs. As a single dad, he is seen putting so much pressure on himself and then realizing that Tsumugi-chan is fine and that he’s doing a good job. Kotori on the other hand is getting more and more attached to these two and that might get her in trouble later on.?Kotori needs to discern her feelings for Kohei (and Tsumugi) sooner or later. Is?she is attached to them because she misses the family set up or is she falling in love with Kohei?

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