Amaama to Inazuma Episode 12: A Finale Filled with Love; Continue With The Manga

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Amaama to Inazuma Episode 12

Every time a series ends, fans can?t help but feel a little ache. The feeling is like saying goodbye to a close friend, which is sad and painful. The events in Amaama to Inazuma episode 12 finale makes it even harder for us, viewers, to imagine that next week, we won?t be seeing little Tsumugi with Kohei and Kotori?s cooking sessions. Here is a finale recap.

It was the death anniversary of Tae, mother of Tsumugi. Kohei was too tired to cook and decides that they eat out for once. In front of an Okonomiyaki restaurant, he describes to Tsumugi what it is and how you cook it. He even promises that Tsumugi can do the mixing. They make their way inside and find a table with a grill. Tsumugi is excited. However, the waiter comes with their order and it was premixed. Tsumugi throws a fit at the restaurant and Kohei scolds her.

Tsumugi ignores her Dad up until the next day. Turns out she doesn?t like getting scolded so Kohei tells her that he has to if she is doing something wrong. Tsumugi reluctantly agrees. Her mood changes when Kohei tells her that they will have an Okonomiyaki party together with Kotori and her Mom, Megumi.

On the day they cook Okonomiyaki, Kotori is feeling down as her mother bails out on them again. She admits to Kohei that she is feeling hurt that her mother seems to not care about her, since she?s always busy. Kohei recalls instances with his own daughter and tells Kotori that, ?it?s so hard to show that you?re always thinking about somebody?. As if to make Kotori be more understanding. Kohei continues, ?They say a kid never knows what their parents are thinking about. But that?s okay. Maybe it?s better that they don?t.? Kohei goes to explain that if a kid does, they?ll probably worry about their parents? feelings all the time, which would not be good for them.

Meanwhile, Yagi has been telling Tsumugi to stay put. However, Tsumugi was being too rowdy that she topples the bowl of cabbage. After Yagi scolds her, Tsumugi gets upset and her Dad asks her to apologize. Sensing that she wasn?t sincere, father and daughter have a serious talk. Kohei lets Tsumugi know that he doesn?t like scolding her, explaining to her clearly that if she does something wrong, even though Daddy hates it, he will do his best and scold her. Kohei bows in apology to Tsumugi for not doing a good job on scolding her before. Tsumugi says sorry too and this time it was sincere. Oh kids.

Amaama to Inazuma Episode 12

Finally, Tsumugi is able to mix the ingredients with the help of singing the mix mix song. After cooking, Megumi (Kotori’s Mother) arrives to join the dinner. Everyone takes their first bite of the Okonomiyaki and their expressions are all oozing with it?s so good. Tsumugi even says it?s better than the one she had at the restaurant. Megumi says to her that the reason why her Dad?s Okonomiyaki tastes good is because he made it filled with affection for you. ?Is affection like love?? Tsumugi asks her Dad, to which he replies yes. ?Then I?m eating lots of it!? Tsumugi happily announces. Oh my heart!

Sadly, Amaama to Inazuma episode 12 is the last episode of this series.

There is no official news yet for a season 2 as the series has gotten a mixed review. Perhaps because the theme is about parenting and cooking? But if you are one of the thousands of fans of Amaama to Inazuma / Sweetness and Lightning, you can continue with the story (after Amaama to Inazuma episode 12) by reading the manga starting on chapter 20.

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