Amaama to Inazuma Episode 11 Recap: ?Daddy Doesn?t Talk About Girls?

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Amaama to Inazuma Episode 11 Recap

Amaama to Inazuma Episode 11 opens with Tsumugi in school, talking with her friends, Hana and Yuuka. They discuss which characters to choose for the play. Hana wants to be Yoshiko together with Tsumugi but Tsumugi insists on being Mr. GaliGali (Yoshiko?s pig mascot). Suddenly, Hana calls Tsumugi weird and avoids her. This makes Tsumugi lonely and hurt.

A crepe that Kotori wants to eat

Meanwhile, Kotori?s class finds out that they?ll be competing with another class for the crepe booth during the School Festival. The class could not agree what to do in order to stand out. After a series of bickering between the girls and the boys, one student volunteers Kotori to be in charge of the menu. The class immediately agrees after learning that Kotori?s mum is a celebrity chef.

This seems to be a milestone for Kotori since she never really participated much in class. Coming up with the menu (or recipe) is one feat she wouldn?t dare fail, as she was happy to be relied on for the first time. She thought hard and settled with Sweet Potato Crepe.

Daddy doesn?t talk about girls

Later that night, Kohei notices that Tsumugi is feeling down. To cheer her up, Kohei tells her about the taste-testing party and describes to Tsumugi that crepes are sweet, tasty and delicious. Surprisingly, instead of being excited, Tsumugi blurts to her dad, ?All you want to talk about is food.? Tsumugi gets mad that her Daddy wants to talk about food when she wants to talk about girls.

The next day Kohei meets with the school teacher to settle Tsumugi and Hana?s dispute. Despite making up in front of their parents and teacher, Hana still ignores Tsumugi.

At Kotori?s restaurant, their crepe tasting party begins. Kotori, Yagi, and Shinobu were already there when the father- daughter team arrive. The Sweet Potato Crepe was a success but Tsumugi was still hung up on her Dad, telling everyone that he doesn?t talk about girls with her (meaning her spat with Hana). Yagi sets Tsumugi straight by telling her that she shouldn?t be angry with her Dad because all he ever thinks about is her. True enough, Kohei works hard on Tsumugi?s Mr. GaliGali costume. Kohei also adds that Tsumugi should just try to work hard no matter what happens, Hana will surely be her friend again.

Amaama to Inazuma Episode 11 Recap

Mr. GaliGali

All ends well for Amaama to Inazuma episode 11 and our Kotori and Tsumugi. Kotori?s Sweet Potato Crepe and Tsumugi?s Mr. GaliGali costume are a hit. Kohei is all the parents in the world, seeing his precious little princess, performing on stage in a pink fluffy pig costume. He was so proud that he was brought to tears.

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