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Always Forgetting Your Phone? You Need Bringrr.

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Most, if not all, of us live in a fast ? paced world where people are always in a hurry. With so many things to think about, it is already common for a person to forget even the most important things. This can bring a tremendous amount of frustration to a person, but a tech company finally has a solution. Thanks to a new gadget called Bringrr, your day is saved. This gadget notifies you when you forget to bring the daily essentials, such as your mobile phone, laptop or the documents you need to present at work.

Compatible with Google Glass

Bringrr uses Bluetooth technology to remind you of the things that might kill your wonderful mood if you forget them. It is a car gadget that scans for the items attached to the BringTag, a tiny, circular tag that gives a Bluetooth signal to the gadget. You can attach this tag to your personal items like bags, books, laptops or smartphones.

Bringrr is also compatible with Google Glass. Once you have entered your car, Bringrr will give you a heads up on your Glass on items missing. Isn?t that cool? What?s more, Google Glass users can also assign virtual BringTags simply by taking a photo of an item or just looking at it.

One requirement needed to fire up the BringTags and Bringrr is a car. While this could be a huge disadvantage to commuters, keep your hopes up because the company is already working on serving a wider audience. Bringrr co ? founder and CEO Aldo Beqiraj said that they have received massive feedback from people that do not own cars. These people are looking for the same features that do not require the AC adapter.

Beqiraj added that the company first focused on having a device that would prevent people from driving away and forgetting important things. He assures consumers that their team is currently working on their focus to serve the general audience.

Works with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar


Bringrr also works with Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. Once you have tagged your things on the Bringrr app, the Description (Google Calendar) or Notes sections (Apple Calendar) will tell Bringrr the items you need to bring for the day. This way, users will have better chances of not forgetting anything.

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