Altergaze: A Mobile VR Headset for Smartphones Passes Kickstarter Funding Target

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Altergaze for Mobile
Altergaze for Mobile

Altergaze, a portable VR headset, which is pretty much similar to Oculus Rift, has passed their?Kickstarter funding target of ?25,000 GBP. ?Liviu Berechet Antoni, director and designer of the device, passed their set goal just 3 days before the expiry of the campaign, which is supposed to end on the 1st of May of this year.

Right now, there is a total of 385 backers who will support the development of the product/device with a total amount of ?27,955 pledged for the 3D-printed device to be produced in small amounts for the time being.

Many photographers have been at mentioning it for the longest time: The best camera device is the one that is with you. VR startups may also get a hint from that and it probably is. We get all the 3D virtual reality glory on PCs, and sooner, we also get to experience it with consoles from Sony, and hopefully, Microsoft. Why not on smartphones as well?

The device takes form in a headset that is produced using 3D printing technology. It will allow users to insert a smartphone into a slot in the front of the virtual reality headset that you will be viewing, with a pair of lenses in the front of the device. Supported apps will then display two images which are going to be in a split screen fashion, that will create a ?3D? looking effect that contributes to the ?VR? feel.

The device is referred to as an ?open hardware?, which mainly means that users and future owners of the product can feel free at modifying, or coming up with their own design, and print it themselves as long as they are not commercially sold.

With less than 2 days left on the campaign?s duration, Altergaze is still under the hope that more funds will come around to help develop more apps which will be natively supported for the innovation.

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