Alphabet?s Waymo: Self-Driving Technology Comes into Play

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Alphabet's Waymo

Alphabet, a multinational conglomerate, is well-known for its innovative methods and technologically advanced approach. And Alphabet’s Waymo is one of their groundbreaking products.

It’s not really surprising since it’s founded by the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Bin. Additionally, Alphabet Inc. encompasses a collection of companies. The company also operated businesses that are not related solely to Internet services.

The company?s latest venture is of the development of self-driving cars. The Project?Waymo aims to pioneer a new round of reliable automation. It is intricately engineered to have enough artificial intelligence to drive without the help of an operator.

Of course, this seems to be the beginning of Terminator, but hey. When has Google ever steered people wrong?

Google, Honda, and Chrysler ? Providing a Better Future?

What?s more, there is the possibility of collaboration in the horizon between Honda and Google, aside from the fixed partnership of the latter with Chrysler. Additionally, the modified minivans that their company has provided for Waymo.

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As per The Guardian, Honda Motor Co. already had plans to produce automated driving vehicles some time in 2020. Although lately, they found it apt to explore Waymo technology and learn the ins and outs of Alphabet?s approach in developing self-driving cars.

Alphabet's Waymo

“There’s only so much technology a company can develop while focusing on one specific approach,” Honda spokesman Teruhiko Tatebe told news agency Reuters. “By approaching it from multiple angles it’s possible to come up with new innovations quicker.”

Honda Motor Co. and Alphabet?s Partnership on Waymo

Honda also gave emphasis to the fact that a partnership between Waymo does not signify that they will disregard their own means for developing self-driving vehicles.

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And what?s Waymo got to say about this team up?

?We?re looking forward to exploring opportunities to collaborate with Honda to advance fully self-driving technology and make our roads safer,? one of Waymo?s spokesperson had said.

If things go smoothly with Alphabet?s Waymo, people can expect a new range of advancement in terms of driving machinery in the near future. Hopefully this wouldn?t pave the way for the rise of a real-life SkyNet.

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