Alleged iPhone 8 Packaging Surfaces; Shows Vertical Rear Camera and No Touch ID

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iPhone 8 packing surfaces the Internet

For anyone who was a bit disappointed with the current news about the iPhone 8 will not find this one any different. While many Apple fans are still nursing their broken hearts on the absence on the Touch ID sensor on the next iPhone, this latest leak does not make it any easier.

Straight from China, IT Home just posted what appears to be a box or packaging for Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone. From the slightly dark image, one can clearly see the back of the iPhone 8, or what everyone thinks it will look like.

The accompanying article claims that the box in question is the actual box where the iPhone 8 will be housed in. Furthermore, it also said that the unit on the image of the box is the matte black version of the phone.

Unfortunately, there are no ways of knowing whether this leaked image is legit or not. Nevertheless, readers should note that this kind of leak can easily be fabricated. All one needs is a trip down the streets of Shenzhen, China, a quick visit into one of the shops there and you now have something akin to the actual thing.

iPhone 8 packing surfaces the Internet

Alleged iPhone 8 packaging (via weibo.com)

Whether this leak has some grain of truths in it or not, one thing is quite clear. Consumers and fans alike seem to have accepted the fact that the iPhone 8 may not come with a Touch ID sensor. The vertical camera and the lone Apple logo are the only signs of adornment at the back of the phone. Although the image did not show the front, by now, most people who are following the iPhone 8 developments will have a strong idea how it will look like.

It is still to soon to say that this leaked image is indeed for the iPhone 8. The sort of thing happened right about the same time before the iPhone 7 was released. The only thing that can be done right now is wait and see as it will only be a few more months before we can glimpse the iPhone 8.

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