All Roads Lead To Hollywood With These Popular Celebrity Apps For Your Smartphone

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Can?t get enough of your favorite celebrity? Maybe there?s a celebrity app out there to quench your Hollywood withdrawal!

Can?t get enough of your favorite celebrity? Maybe there?s a celebrity app out there to quench your Hollywood withdrawal!

Unless you?ve undergone a tech holiday these past few weeks, or you?ve been living under a rock, you probably already heard about the new mobile app bearing Kim Kardashian?s name (by that we mean brand). Her app is said to be on track to earn $ 85 million this year! Well, due to today?s growing tech savvy population, developers are squabbling to partner with a famous personality and make a celebrity app of their own, or vice versa.

To address that issue, er, topic, we?ve rounded up the best celebrity apps out there (or just ?popular,? if you?re not comfortable describing them as ?good?) to guide you in finding that most needed dose of Hollywood glamor.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Download: Android / iOS

Those who already have this celebrity app think that it?s sort of a toned-down version of The Sims. The app is narrated by Kim Kardashian herself and lets you guide your customizable avatar throughout Beverly Hills and Hollywood. It allows you to answer Kim?s calls, go on dates, organize photo shoots, and of course, shop for shoes, clothes, etc. You can make your avatar an A-list star by upgrading it continuously — but that requires a lot of in-app purchases (translated to: Kardashian millions).


Kiss Justin Bieber

Download: Android / iOS

As the name suggests, this celebrity app lets you meet the famous teen pop singer, spend holidays with him, and kiss him (wink). You can play songs right from the app and speed them up or slow them down according to your preferences. Whatever you do, you must keep Bieber interested so you can achieve that sought-after ?Mrs. Bieber? status. That?s it Beliebers, enjoy!


Social Gaga

Download: Android / iOS

The ?mother monster? also has her own celebrity app for all her little monsters (a.k.a. fans). It?s called Social Gaga and it includes info, concert schedules, and tons of photos depicting the pop singer in all her weird but so-called artistic style. Definitely one of the main features of the app is its comment board, where other fans can get to chat with each other.


Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD

Download: iOS

One of Hollywood?s most famous celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay appears in shows like Ramsay?s Kitchen, Hell?s Kitchen, and MasterChef. Ramsay boasts of more than a dozen Michelin stars for his restaurants. With his app called ?Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD,? you can follow his culinary endeavors. The app has several recipes that includes video tutorials; those can be filtered according to difficulty, ingredient, time, and season.


Style Thief

Download: iOS

Released just weeks ago, Style Thief is an app from model and actress Kate Bosworth. This celebrity app functions similarly to Shazam, but for clothing, shoes, and accessories of course. With the app, you can take a picture (or choose from your gallery) of a pair of shoes or an article of clothing and the app will tell you where to buy a similar item. But be prepared for all the expensive suggestions!


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