All-In-One Music Player, Blender, and Cooler Gets Nearly $4M Kickstarter Funding in a Week

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Do you and your family frequently go on vacations, picnics, or outings? Then perhaps you would consider pledging to the ?Coolest? invention. A Bluetooth-enabled music player, a blender, USB charger, now integrated into one cooler!

The project has been getting a lot of attention lately in Kickstarter. In less than a week, almost 20,000 Kickstarter backers were able to raise $4 million for the project. The $50,000 funding goal of the project was easily shattered by a huge margin in just a couple of days and is now more than 7000% over its goal. It is currently sitting at the 10th place of the most funded projects at Kickstarter and it?s on the way to break the records. With still 46 days to go before its campaign ends, things are looking bright for the ?Coolest?, and perhaps even surpass the current most-funded Kickstarter project by Pebbles ( $10.2 million).

The invention, appropriately named ?Coolest?, was the brainchild of Ryan Grepper from Portland, OR. Previously, he was unsuccessful in his first cooler Kickstarter campaign back in December of last year. This time around, he redesigned his cooler and added more features and it looks like it all did the trick for him.

The ?Coolest? cooler comes with a variety of features such as a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker wherein you can use your phone to control and play music, a rechargeable blender, USB charger, bottle opener, a plate and utensil storage, and of course, the storage cooler itself. It also comes in a range of colors.


You can get the cooler now for $185 if you?re from the U.S. and an additional $100 for Canada and Europe. This is $115 cheaper than the $299 retail price when it hits the stores next year.

If you are interested, you may visit its Kickstarter campaign page and pledge for the “coolest” invention.

Image Source: “Coolest” Kickstarter Campaign

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