Alienware to make a big appearance at TGS 09 (Update)

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The buzz around the net and of course on a few PDF files up on the Official Tokyo Game Show website is that Alienware has something big to announce that will be shaking up the PC side of gaming. I am still digging around for more information. What I am curious about is what can Alienware bring to PC gaming other than massively over priced gaming rigs.

While reading deep into the press files on the TGS site I also read that this year will be the first time that there will be a PC exhibition on the floor. This news comes after so much hate on the PC market and “console only” gamers continuing to believe that PC gaming is either dead or is dying. I laugh and cry every time I hear those words. 

I can’t wait to see what new innovations Alienware will bring to the market. My wish would be for a new line of sub 1000.00 rigs that could be pushed to the mainstream market of PC Gamers. In a side note, another option would be for them to launch a XBL style unique ID type of system that would work across all games and offer easy console style party system. I can wish can’t I? Peace…!

Post your comments and I ask you now. What do you think the PC Gaming market needs to have gamers want to buy the PC versions of these current gen console titles?

All Powerful


M15x Notebook

**Update** Looks like the major announcement from Alienware’s TGS 2009 appearance was the launch of the new more powerful and expensive M15x Notebook and Aurora & Aurora ALX towers. Very high end gaming rigs that will blow every other retail built system on the market. Now granted the hardcore gamer who has the know how could build equivalent rigs but given the spec sheet of these beasts the cost would not be much lower, and I know. I have been building PC Rigs for over 10 years. Now don’t get me wronge before your hardcore PC Gamers say “Yes you can build a rig with equal or better results at a lower cost” I agree but when you start building super mega rigs like these you do not want to cut to many corners and you might as well go all out and get the premium components and not compromise on anything. Have a great day.

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