Alienware and Dell: a Look at the Best Laptops in CES 2015

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New is always better, so they say, especially with laptops.

That?s what you?re going to feel when you go to an event such as the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. As the name suggests, it?s an annual thing where you get to see the best of the best?the cream of the crop, so to speak, when talking about electronics and gadgets and what-have-you. This is the place to be if you?re looking to replace last year?s gadget or shop for a laptop or device you can finally buy.

Digital Trends brings to us two different laptops that rose from the smoke of the recent CES 2015?a Dell laptop and?unsurprisingly?a new offering by Alienware. While Dell is for more conventional users of laptops, Alienware is for the discerning gamer who is looking for that extra oomph for his game. We take a look at these two models and we see them for what they are intended for?and what other applications they could be used for.

The Dell XPS 13

The Dell XPS 13 has been one of the bigger news that came out of the CES 2015.

The Dell XPS 13 is one classy laptop which features a design that does away with the bezel. At least, when you?re watching a film, you feel as if you?re watching it on a wider screen?that?s what the XPS does, as per Digital Trends. Aside from that, it?s being powered by a 5th-gen Intel core. Depending on the build, as per Digital Trends, this laptop could be powered by an i3 up to i7, with 4 to 8GB of RAM supplied?perfect for gaming, I might add.

A powerful laptop, wide-screened and with a RAM of that size?one might just think about it as a budget gaming device, or just a laptop for those who want quality for money. Speaking of gaming laptops?

Alienware 15 Invasion

If it?s gaming, then your best bet would be to go with Alienware. Say hello to the freshly unveiled Alienware 15.

From the same company that brought you the XPS 13, the Alienware 15 is everything a gaming laptop should be. They?ve managed to cram?as per Digital Trends?a NVidia GTX 980M in this laptop, as well as a fifth-generation Core processor from Intel or AMD. However, the most notable feature of this laptop, as per Digital Trends , is the Graphics Amplifier?an external bay which could support PCI graphics cards to beef up your gaming experience even further.

Why is this needed? Well, the Alienware 15 is 4K compatible, meaning you would need support if you wanted to go 4K. That?s a big step for a gaming laptop. Of course, that would also add a hefty $200 to your price should you choose to include the Graphics Amplifier in the mix.

The Digital Age

In this day and age, timing just seems about right for the digital take-over.

Those are only two of the laptops which we?ve seen from the CES 2015. Aside from them, there are still others which we will take a look at. However, let this article be known as an all-Dell party. From the looks of both of these laptops, Dell seems to have prepared well for the CES 2015, coming with guns blazing in the form of these laptops.


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