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Alien Life Detected from a Russian Telescope Observed a Strong Signal

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Recent signs of Alien Life have been found! The Ratan-600, a radio telescope in Russia, was able to find a rare and unusually strong signal while combing the night sky.

The Ratan-600 was controlled by the Russian Academy of Sciences. This strong signal came from a star located in the constellation of Hercules.

The name of the star is HD163595. HD163595 is roughly 95 light years from us and is 99% of the Sun?s size. HD163595 also has one planet close to the size of Neptune. The planet experiences 40 day year cycles.

Claudio Maccone

Maccone of the University of Turin in Italy had a presentation at the International Academy of Astronautics with regards for searching alien life this coming September 27.

Maccone wishes that HD163595 be observed constantly. Maccone says: ?The power of the signal received is not unrealistic for type I civilizations,?

For those of you wondering what a type I civilization is, it?s basically a classification of Alien Life with a civilization close to ours. This signal may not only just be a sign of Alien Life, but intelligent one as well.


Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak from the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (Seti) thinks the signal could possibly be Alien Life but he is skeptical. He points out that to the Guardian that the Ratan 600 has a very wide receiver.

Although the strong signal found is promising, it is still too difficult to be assured that it could have come from Alien Life.

Paul Gilster

Science and science-fiction writer Paul Gilster was also skeptical with the strong signal. He explain that the phenomenon could have just been a result of microlensing. Micro lensing occurs when very large objects align behind another large mass in space.

Gilster said:?My own thought is that this is very possibly a one-time signal, much like the famous WOW! signal some years back,? If this signal doesn?t return, this might really be just another case of microlensing or it may just be a unknown local signal and not Alien Life.

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