Alien Invasion: Vatican UFO Disclosure, What is the Vatican Hiding From Us?

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Alien Invasion

Is there an impending Alien invasion?

For the past years, there has?been a debate about whether the existence of aliens were true. Photographs, videos, and even testimonies of a?few who insisted that they were victims of alien abduction became the people?s source of belief and evidence that aliens do exist.

Now, there have been speculations that the Vatican just might have knowledge about these extraterrestrial beings. And rumor has it that they have been hiding this information from the public.

What could it be? Why are they hiding it?

US Government?s Knowledge about a future Alien Invasion

Wikileaks previously revealed an email exchange between astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta about a possible space war, and how the Vatican has an idea about the existence of aliens.

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John Podesta used to be POTUS Barack Obama?s counselor, until he resigned to become Hillary Clinton?s campaign chairman. The emails even revealed the identity of a person named Terri Mansfield, who?s believed to be the Director of the Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

As per Collective Evolution, Edgar Mitchell mentioned via mail about how the alien species are trying to send help to humans by sharing ?zero point energy.? Study says that this energy could be used in space travel; making it possible to travel to Mars in days, instead of years.

Moreover, Mansfield was also mentioned in the email exchange, who was described as Edgar Mitchell?s ?Catholic Colleague.? He is also responsible for?updates to the Vatican about any sort of developments about aliens.

Vatican?s Role

The Vatican had been very open about the (possible) existence of aliens. Vatican astronomers such as Guy Consolmagno and Father Jose Gabriel Funes released controversial statements about the imminent discovery of the extraterrestrial species.

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Guy Consolmagno released a statement about God not limiting life on Earth. Thus, the possibility of life all throughout the Cosmos. Even Pope Francis himself said that he would welcome aliens, and even try to have them baptized.

Alien Invasion

However, the Catholic Church had been a subject to different controversies in politics, science, and even countless sex scandals. So is it possible that they?re also concealing their knowledge about Aliens? existence?

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