Aleppo Syria News Meaning: Bombing, Airstrike & Offensive, FB Post Explains An Easy Way To Understand It All

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Aleppo Syria
Aleppo Syria

Everything?s pretty complicated when it comes to politics and controversial events. Aleppo touches down on both. And with so much breaking news all coming from Aleppo Syria these past years, it can be jarring to piece everything together.

So to help you get up to date on what?s happening in Aleppo. We?ve listed down below everything you need to know about Aleppo Syria in a quick easy to read manner.


First off, one of the key players to the conflict in Syria is their very own president. President Assad.

Long story short, he has a pretty conflicted and downright shady history that has earned him nothing but the hate of his own people over the years. This is why the Syrian Rebels are generally fighting for their people?s common good.

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However, things got nasty when some of the rebels broke away from their original democratic cause and opted to help create the Islamic State. So yes, the original rebels ended up splintering into two factions, one still good while the other is bad.

Before the war, Aleppo used to be Syria?s largest city and home to 2.3 million people. It also played a major role for the country?s economy since it was the heart of finance and industry. It has since turned into one of the main battlegrounds of the conflict.

When the Americans came into the picture, they decided to help fix the situation by arming the good rebels to help them fight against Assad. Simultaneously, they?ve decided to fight the bad Islamic State rebels. This resulted in a war on two fronts.

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Aleppo Syria Coalitions

Now if you?ve been listening to the news these past months, then you would know that Russia has also had some involvement in Syria. They?ve decided to back Assad since his government is technically an ally of Russia?s. The Russians then proceeded to bomb both the Democratic Syrian rebels who were challenging Assad?s rule, and the Islamic State rebels.

Now things start escalating even more. Iran has joined the fray with Russia by sending in ground troops for Assad. Now there is a Russia, Iranian, and Syrian coalition in place to support Assad.

Both the Americans and the British would like to dethrone Assad but simply cannot do this immediately without potentially starting a war. Arming the rebels may not be enough, and directly attacking Assad would make both Iran and Russia pretty mad.

And that?s the situation so?far. Atrocities are generally happening left and right on all fronts whether intentional or “accidental.” And the only thing that everyone seems to agree on blowing up is ISIS.

So at least we can all agree on something at the end of the day. Hopefully the Islamic state rebels finally get wiped out and maybe that would be the signal to start de-escalating the war in Aleppo Syria.

This Facebook post explains the Aleppo Syria timeline clearly.

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