AlDub Twitter Record: Asian Power Couple’s Social Media Dominance Lands Them 5th Place In Overall Most Viral Topics Of The World, Know Other Trending Topics In The List

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Power couple Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, more known as AlDub couldn?t be any more popular the way they are today. Thanks to the overwhelming fans of the celebrated power couple, AlDub is slowly being recognized by the world, one tweet at a time. Twitter world was in shock when AlDub fans shared an astonishing 25.6 million tweets in 24 hours last Saturday and just recently, they became a part of the top five most tweeted hashtags all over the world.

Top 5 Most Tweeted Hashtags

No. 1 #vote5sos (78 million)

An Australian pop punk and pop rock band from Sydney name ?5 Seconds of Summer? became the number one most tweeted during the ?Kids? Choice Awards.? The band was able to get the help of fans from all over their country and fans from across the globe to receive 78 million tweets in a span of time.

No. 2 #BRAvGER (35.6 million)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup fans witnessed one of the most legendary games that shocked the whole world. A memorable semi-final between two superstar countries, Germany was able to crush Brazil and ended up with a score of 7-1 to mark Germany?s win as the largest margin of victory in a FIFA World Cup semi-final. It was shared over 35.6 million times making it the third most tweeted hashtag.

No. 3 #WorldCupFinal (32.1 million)

Who wouldn?t share an event that only comes every four years? The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina had its own share of fame when it was over 32.1 million times on Twitter.

No. 4 #sb49 (28.4 million)

Superbowl 49 also had its share of dedicated sports fan willing to make that extra work on social media to make it the fourth most tweeted hashtag. Football fans were able to make 28.4 million tweets out of the thrilling game win of the New England Patriots over the Seattle Seahawks.

No. 5 #ALDubEBforLOVE (25.6 million)

When Alden Richards went with Maine Mendoza for a second date, AlDub fans got to work on social media and were able to make 25.6 million tweets in just a day. Consider the fact that most of the tweets were only from Filipino fans and a number of international audiences, the power couple still has a long way to go.

It?s really surprising to see that the AlDub sensation had made Twitter history in just a short amount of time. The dominance of the power couple is still rising and judging by the way the dedicated fans of AlDub are helping; it?s safe to say that AlDub may take that number one spot in no time at all.


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