AlDub Twitter Fever: What Is It And Why Is It Catching The World?s Attention? 15 Million Tweets Next Target?

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Last September 19, the world of social media, particularly Twitter, was bombarded by a series of tweets all using the hashtag #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate. The hashtag didn?t just reach hundreds of thousands in shares mind you, it reached millions. 12.1 million in fact ? the biggest yet in Twitterworld, and obviously causing confusion to those who keep track of trending topics.

The reactions from the web are amusing, particularly those from different corners of the world who were suddenly bombarded by newsfeed with different #ALDUB variations: #ALDUBBattleForACause, #ALDUBMaiDenForReal, #ALDUB2ndMonthsary and more.

?What the hell is Aldub??? said user @versacetop.

?What is Aldub guys, it?s all over my tineline!? asked @kookiejeonie.

?What is Aldub and why is it trending?? continued @OTRJWW.

Avery was keen on her observation: ?#aldub is always trending worldwide, and I?m not just talking about 100k tweets, I?m talking about millions!?

AlDub revealed

The confusion is understandable of course. What could propel a vague word to reach millions of shares in just 24 hours? The last time a topic of such magnitude went viral, it was a time when the US Supreme Court declared equality of marriage for everyone, no matter the sexual orientation, and made #LoveWins a historical online symbol of love.

But even that record was toppled, not just once, but three times ? all of which is by #ALDUB.

So what is AlDub? Simply put, it is a unique pairing of two actors from the Philippines: Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, whose famous character ?Yaya Dub? or Nanny Dub, completed the term by combining their names.

The reason the pair suddenly became very famous is because of their unique start and entertainment.

The two have a ?split screen? romance ? literally. At the start of their ?relationship? two months ago, Alden and Maine only saw each other on television, where both are being aired remotely and separately because the two are always in different locations — a first of its kind!

Maine?s character, Yaya Dub, is a pretty nanny taking care of an old, rich matron known as Lola Nidora (played by character actor Wally Bayola). She never speaks a world, and only expresses herself via the entertainment app, Dubsmash. She is stern, but could be absolutely hilarious when on cue. She hardly smiles.

Last July 16, the production crew of their show Eat Bulaga (a local noontime variety show), decided that it?s high time to make Yaya Dub?s character smile. When they found out that Maine, in real life, had a crush or liking for actor Alden Richards who hosts a different segment of the show, they hatched this ingenious plan.

They made the actor sit in front of the audience and see how Yaya Dub would react if she suddenly sees her crush watching her in the other end of the screen. The crew got exactly what they want ? and more.

After delivering another dubsmash, Maine looked at the screen, and when she realized Alden was watching, couldn?t hide her surprise and obvious delight! The authenticity of her reaction captured the audience watching, and fans found themselves looking forward to how else the two would interact.

A story was hatched ? Alden found himself reciprocating Maine?s smiles and, yes, longing stares. The two have not met personally before that, and it seems their interest to meet each other in real life grew more intense ? along with the fans!

Add that to the challenges of Lola Nidora (the old woman who is yaya?s ward), who tries her best to foil all plans of making the two meet, and Philippine television got itself a plot they look forward to everyday.

The two eventually met in hilarious instances, and everytime they do ? Twitterdom explodes! Here are their best records so far:

  • September 5 (First Meeting) ? 5.7 million tweets
  • September 12 (Second Meeting) ? 6.37 million tweets
  • September 19 (First Date) ? 12.1 million tweets

So far, the pair has accumulated more than 40.8 Million tweets since September 19. It?s no wonder why even those from other countries have started to ask!

Even Bryan White, the artist who sang ?God Gave Me You? considered to be the loveteam?s official song, wondered about #Aldub, and was surprised to find out that because of the pair, his song is now the most-played all over the country.

AlDub Twitter lording over social media

It?s not clear what makes them a hit, but some are saying it?s the blurring of lines between what?s reel and real that?s keeping people at the edge of their seats. Are the actors still acting? Or are they seeing something more between the two characters?

To date, they have two product endorsements and it seems more are coming. It?s not yet the ?right time? for the two to meet without any challenges, but when they do, we?re banking the next record will probably land them a page in the Guiness Book already.

Do you think they can reach 15 million tweets for that?

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