AlDub TNT Commercial Video: Power Couple From Asia Beats World Record For Most Viral Hashtag In 24-Hours

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AlDub TNT Commercial

The AlDub phenomenon continues to blaze not only in local television, but also in the international social media scene as the power couple, who hails from the Philippines, has toppled the world record set by the hashtag #LoveWins.

In our previous article, AlDub, a word play of the characters/ names of hit television couple Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, better known as Yaya Dub, we shared that their viral hashtag #ALDUBBATTLEForACause, reached total use of almost 5.7 million tweets in 24 hours a few weeks ago. That?s 500,000 shy of reaching what was then the most trending hashtag, #LoveWins, which paid homage to the US Supreme Court?s decision to honor the marriage of same-sex couples.

Last Saturday however, the couple was able to break that very same record with a love-induced episode where the two (who used to interact solely on television via a groundbreaking split-screen airing), met for the second time and delighted fans all over the world.

The episode, with the hasthag #ALDUBTheAbduction, proved to be so successful and viral, that it was able to reach a total of 6.35 Million shares in a day ? officially taking #1 spot in most trending topic in social media.

Simply put, the gist of the story goes: The two actors, who only met for a brief encounter two weeks ago, were kidnapped by an unknown villain but circumstance had them meeting once more last Saturday for a closer, more intense interaction.

The episode had so much feels, that fans all over the world ensured that the meeting gets recognized, making the famous pair even more viral.

Unique entertainment

Fans are fond of the two because of their onscreen chemistry shared only by interacting onscreen ? sharing sweet nothings and even ?screen? kisses. The fans anticipate each smile, stare and ?kiss? daily, and have propelled their careers to the skies.

The plot of their story is a modern day Cinderella marvel involving a young, pretty nanny who developed special feelings for a good looking colleague who was actually there to watch a regular show where the actress starred in.

The rest was an anthropological wonder which got viewers glued to their screen on what will happen next.

AlDub TNT Commercial

Today, another record is expected to be set, as the new commercial of the two is set to be aired anytime now, this time, with a much-anticipated commercial with a telco company and the use of the hashtag #ALDUBforTNT.

Will the two succeed again this time? There?s a big chance of it as well. AlDub’s 6.35 million fans will make sure of that.


To watch the teaser, click here, to watch the commercial, click here.

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