AlDub Secrets To Be Revealed: Predictions For This Week?s Exciting New Chapter

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Another page has just opened for Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza as they set to start another journey filled with new challenges and obstacles that may test their ?love? for each other.

We still can?t get over what happened during the couple?s (popularly known as AlDub) huge sold-out event labeled as ?Sa Tamang Panahon,? but it?s time to move on with their story.

From yesterday?s episode, we?re more than curious to know what?s going to happen next to our silly and lovable gang of kalyeserye characters.

Just in time for Halloween season, AlDub and the Lolas (Nidora, Tidora, Tinidora) might fill this week with action and adventure, loading their episodes with suspense and a dash of comedy of course. So here are some guesses that we think might happen during the course of this week:

D?Explorer family revelations

D?Explorer family is full of mysteries waiting to be revealed and with the return of the diary, a world of puzzling characters and events are bound to show up anytime. So we should expect a number of D?Explorer family members popping up again.

We saw last time how Frankie showed up at the couple?s big event and how he might have nearly sabotaged the show. It was weird how Frankie came out of nowhere, so maybe he?ll make another surprise this week.

Enchanted Kingdom episode?

Remember that interview where Alden said he wants to take Maine to a carnival if given the chance. Well, we?re seeing that chance coming this Sat. As per the clue of the diary, they are going to a house with a prominent roof, and with that, one placed popped in our mind: Enchanted Kingdom!

Love triangle

Alden Richards and Yaya Dub had their share of problems and challenges before they became an official ?couple? in the series. What?s the next hurdle? Well based on yesterday?s show (where an unlikely character gave us an idea), a third person might just spice up the couple?s story!

Yaya Dub meets her cousins

We met a number of Yaya Dub?s family during the course of the show so there?s a chance that they?ll appear again. And you?ll never know, Yaya Dub might even meet her ?cousins? from Isadora?s side.

There are still a number of possibilities that are waiting for Alden and Yaya Dub, so AlDub nation should still watch out for what?s to come. Get to know what secrets will be revealed today by checking out the episode for today?s livestream link here.

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