AlDub Saturday Predictions: What We Think Will Happen In The Power Couple?s Next Meeting, Will They Break Records Or Will They Break Hearts?

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Another phenomenal event is about to happen this coming weekend for AlDub Nation?as Maine Mendoza a.k.a. Yaya Dub goes to Broadway. Alden Richards and Yaya Dub will meet again after a successful ?akyta ligaw? or courtship last weekend. While a lot of record breaking and sweet moments have happened to AlDub these past few weeks, we should expect a whole other level of excitement this coming weekend.

So what do you think are going to happen this Saturday? Will another record be broken? Here are our predictions:

Another record-breaking hashtag

After becoming the fifth most tweeted celebrity in Twitter history with almost 26 million shares, it?s very like that AlDub may break their record once again, surpassing the fourth most tweeted hashtag with more than 28 million shares. Depending on what crazy plans they have in store for AlDub, the power couples next meet-up is going to get pretty insane.

And one thing is for sure: The AlDub Nation is ready to show their full support right?

Meet the parents

This prediction may be a long way off, but Maine Mendoza meeting ?Daddy Bae? could be an event for the ages. And as Alden already met Maine?s mom and dad, it?s going to be super sweet if both families could meet. Besides, if a guy wants to take a relationship to the next level, he should have the approval of her parents first, don?t you agree?

Holding hands

If one foot away from each other made a record breaking 25.6 million in just a day, what more if they could hold hands? AlDub fans should prepare for anything as the power couple might have something up their sleeves ? a touch doesn?t seem too far-fetched!

Time for a kiss?

Remember the longing the two showed the last time they were together? Imagine what they could be feeling now! It makes you jiggle just thinking about Alden Richards and Yaya Dub kissing for the first time ? even if it?s a harmless peck on the cheek. It?s an impossible prediction that is very unlikely to happen, but we?re allowed to dream, right?

A Duet to remember

Alden and Yaya Dub doing a duet at the set of the noontime show ?Eat Bulaga? could be the most likely prediction that could happen this weekend. We?ve seen how the two can be so into each singing alongside the other one (even if it?s just on splitscreen), so we?re sure many are clamoring for a live performance!

And the thing we?re looking forward to? Alden might show his more sensitive side again and break down in front of Maine! Would Maine do the same? It?s anyone?s guess, but you can bet millions of fans will be watching!


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