AlDub Predictions And Twitter Record: Will This Week Be Another Memorable Time For Asia?s Social Media Power Couple?

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AlDub News September 26

Last Saturday, the Twitter sensation known as AlDub, was able to post a whopping 11-million tweets in a span of 24 hours. And though much lower than last weekend?s 25.6 million tweets (the 5th overall worldwide in Twitter history), the numbers still proved that ADub, along with their supporters the AlDub Nation, is the team to beat in the popularity of digital media parlance.

AlDub is a rising love team from the Philippines whose unexplained appeal stemmed from a unique love story shared only via a split screen romance. AlDub is Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza, and they have been stealing hearts all over the world for a few months now.

AlDub Predictions: Something big this week

Don?t ask us how, but we?re feeling that this week is going to be really big for Kalyeserye or ?Street Drama? where the two actors star. Yesterday we saw the ?big switch? when Maine was transferred to the main studio, and Alden was out on the streets for the show?s usual segment. The episode ended with Yaya Dub (Maine?s character) on the verge of deciding whether Maine will go back with them in the barangay?s or if Alden will return to the studio before the usual bullhorn sounded the end of the show.

What do you think will happen next? Here are our predictions:

The indecision will continue throughout the week

Maine and Lola Nidora will continue to play rock, paper, scissors to decide if she should be back with them. But we?re thinking Alden will remain on the streets for a few more days before he goes back.

The week will be filled with loved-up moments

Remember that Alden is scheduled to go to Japan for his home network?s anniversary event? He?ll be gone for 3-4 days so we?re hoping that before he leaves, he will make sure that their fans? hearts are filled to the brim with ?kilig? moments that will last them until the actor gets back.

First dance together ? onstage!

They have already sang together, so we?re seeing a dance spectacle anytime soon. Will it still apply the ?no touch? rule? That?s definitely something to look forward to!

A love triangle will surface

Can you see that? We?re seeing ?tamang panahon? or the right time for the two coming very, very soon, and we?re betting a new twist to their love story will come out. Yaya?s new suitor perhaps? Well with the way this series is going, we actually don?t think anything, or anyone, can keep their eyes from each other!

The First AlDub Nation Meet And Greet

No doubt about it, the two became social media sensations because of the love their fans are showing, so we?d be super psyched if the mother network of the two can organize the first ever major fan show!

So what else do you think is happening in the next few days? Drop us a line in the comment section below!

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