AlDub Predictions And Live Stream Link: What Will Happen To Maine & Alden’s Forever?

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A sweet moment ended in tears when AlDub?s 18th weeksary was crushed as the dreaded model Cindy Kournikova interrupted an intimate date between love birds Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza. Another obstacle is blocking AlDub?s way in their blossoming romance and it seems that Alden can?t find a way to put a stop to Cindy and her scheme of stealing him from Yaya Dub with Alden?s grandmother, Lola Babah, still roaming around. Here are some of the events that we think might happen in today?s episode:

Alden comforts Yaya Dub

Like every couple, there?s always a time when they’ll encounter a problem that they may or may not solve as quickly as possible. When Cindy dropped by the studio and interfered with the couple?s date, we saw the disappointing and depressed look of Yaya Dub when Cindy announced that she and Alden?were getting married.

Of course we know that Alden won?t let this gloomy feeling of Yaya Dub continue so we expect some kind of amend for making her sad. Whether it?s chocolate or flowers, as long as we see that beautiful smile of Yaya Dub again, then we?re okay with it. But let?s hope we see a more special way of making it up to her.

Cindy continues the bullying

Cindy never disappoints in making a commotion whenever she appears, it?s no surprise if we see her again and continue to torment Yaya Dub. It would be a long while before Cindy disappears with Lola Babah still around, it?s better to prepare for the long haul so the AlDub Nation can be ready for any crazy thing that Cindy and Lola Babah will do to our favorite couple.

Lola Babah plans the wedding

The wedding that everyone dreads, there?s no really telling what will happen to Alden and Cindy with Lola Babah watching every corner. And as the grandmother of Alden told Cindy, she promised that the wedding will push through. Lola Babah, with all her glamorous dresses and jewelry, will eventually plan this so-called wedding without Alden or Yaya Dub knowing about it.

What do you think will happen to Yaya Dub and Alden? Will Lola Babah?s plan of letting Alden marry Cindy push through? Let us know in the comments section below.

To watch today?s episode LIVE, check out this link.

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