AlDub On Ellen Confirmed?

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There?s no more denying AlDub as a global phenomenon. By now, everyone must have heard about AlDub, a name play of actors Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, also known as ?Yaya Dub.? And with their daily hashtags trending by the millions (imagine 1 million tweets during slow days!), it should be no surprise that a number of international news agencies like CNN, BBC, and Bloomberg would recognize AlDub and their rising fame.

AlDub on the Ellen Show?

Fans are grateful that worldwide news agencies have taken a liking to the couple, so it?s probably not a long shot if fans will one day find out that a certain celebrity will finally acknowledge Alden and Yaya Dub for their global clout ? and that?s Ellen DeGeneres. Fans have been clamoring to get their favorite power couple on the spot of one the popular Ellen DeGeneres show who?s well known for inviting quite a number of internet sensations. TheBitBag is actually one of the first to recognize AlDub for its global appeal, and as the months go by, it seams there?s now more reason to get them on the show. Although the two definitely don?t need the additional attention (they are very famous already as it is), their views on the importance/influence of social media on a matter of various topics, is surely one issue that will be interesting to talk about. That, and of course, to talk about the rising popularity of the ?pabebe wave.?

But are the reports of a guesting true? There?s actually no confirmation yet, but we really won?t be surprised if they get a call one of these days.

Understanding AlDub

And to further understand how popular AlDub is even across the world, know that their faces are everywhere. Last week, Yaya Dub was featured on a mural in a stop in Galliate, Italy. A Filipino artist named AG Sano, along with other artists, made a mural of Mother Earth that featured the face of Maine Mendoza for a campaign on climate change.

We also saw how AlDub became the second most tweeted hashtag in Twitter history by taking more than 41 million tweets, beating the previous hashtag #BRAvGER. Moreover, a recent BuzzFeed video of people still clueless about the power couple went viral on social media this weekend.

So what are your thoughts on AlDub? Have you caught on the craze already?

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