AlDub No More? MaiDen Taking Over Our Screens – And Hearts!

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Ever since the AlDub tandem (made up of Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza) was created, unbelievable records were broken because of their amazing connection on television. And ever since they were united at their ?Tamang Panahon? event at the Philippine Arena, it seems that their feelings on-screen may be dwindling and fading away. Is this a sign of the power couple?being over? Or is this a sign that they are preparing for another big leap to their relationship?

Some of you may not notice, but the tandem might be losing its magic touch. Now don’t react too negatively, all we’re saying is that maybe because it?s not AlDub anymore, but the MaiDen couple everyone is expecting. Even if it’s not romantic, all we’re saying is that they are showing their real personalities and not just the characters. This whole other tandem is taking over the show and this real couple is slowly taking over without us detecting it.

Honest feelings for each other

If you?ve been tuning in to the couple?since their eye-to-eye moment on the first day, you can tell by their appearance and emotions that they have a natural connection. You know that they have honest feelings for each other and that whatever they?re doing on-camera is the real deal. Their growing connection on-screen might be a building block to their future connection in real life, which is going to be so much better, we think.

Alden’s small gifts

And who could forget the small gifts?Alden brings to Maine every chance he gets? It’s clearly a sign that Alden is showing real concern for Maine and it’s definitely not just for the camera. Those little acts of concern and tiny sweet moments they have on camera can have a big part in their life off-screen.

Letter to Alden

Everyone went nuts when Lola Nidora agreed to let Alden visit Yaya Dub on the mansion. We could tell by Alden and Yaya Dub?s faces that they were glad to see one another again after a while of just looking at split screens of each other. During the whole episode, you could see the couple never taking the smiles off of their faces. And on the last part of the episode, before Alden left the mansion, Yaya Dub gave a letter not addressed to Alden, the character of AlDub, but Richard Faulkerson Jr., the real man behind AlDub.

This letter only showed us how Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards might have real feelings between them and you could tell by their shyness to each other that they really want to get to know their counterpart a little better.

Alden and Maine have been taking the connection to another level of television drama, but for the better part of it, maybe AlDub is just a beginning to a bigger and better tandem, the MaiDen tandem.? So it?s not the question of whether or not they have real feelings for each other, but when they will admit that they want to be together in real life.

Do you think Alden and Maine will become a couple off-screen? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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