AlDub News: What?s In Store For Asia?s Hottest Social Media Power Couple

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AlDub News

AlDub is proving to be the fastest-rising celebrated power couple not only in the Philippines, but also across the Twitter world. With outpouring social media fans sharing and tweeting about them day by day, you have to wonder how they are doing it.

But one thing is for sure, this popularity is bringing the pair of actors Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza to new heights, and so far their popularity has resulted to the following celebrated feats:

Millions of followers on social media

A hundred followers on social media can become a 100,000 with just the right idea. The combination of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza becoming AlDub was apparently a million dollar tandem that could rake in millions of tweets with just a ?pabebe wave.?

25.6 million tweets in 24 hours

AlDub reaching more than 25 million tweets in just a day just goes to show how powerful social media is. The more popular you are, the more tweets you get. The power couple crushes another record by being in the top 5 most number of tweets in the world, according to a user named @ALDUBSONGS

Their unique and hilarious storytelling and dedicated fans had made the record breaking moment possible. And judging by the ever-growing social media popularity of AlDub, 25 million tweets may easily become 50 million.

Growing endorsements

The more popular you get, the more they notice you. AlDub has been receiving more and more endorsements as each record breaking tweets go by since being a couple. From food to cell phone endorsements, it?s safe to say that every company is gunning for the favorite power couple.

The most watched and talked about team-up

AlDub fans of social media may have their own special way of sharing their love for their power couple. Considering the fact that AlDub fanatics generate millions of tweets a day obviously makes them stand-out. They tend to make non-AlDub fans curious about the show, making them even more famous and talked about.

A movie

Of course every fans dream for their idol is to watch them in their own movie. Being famous in social media may even double the chances of getting that movie spot. So it?s just a matter of time before we see it. If anyone should make any movie-worthy plot, it should be that AlDub wedding we?ve all been waiting for.

A concert

Although AlDub?s singing career is nowhere fantastic, as long as they have millions of fans to promote them, a concert is never too far away to make. No task is impossible when you?re that popular in social media. We should expect an AlDub concert with a certain singer/AlDub fan (Brian McKnight) that would definitely be an event for the ages.

A voluntary social media in charge of your daily hashtags

Even if AlDub isn?t paying to create their viral hashtags, social media fans help AlDub in their daily hashtag needs in any way they can. That?s the power of social media popularity.

A place in the world?s most viral hashtags

When you have millions of followers on social media tweeting about you a million times a day surely gets you a spot in the world?s most viral hashtag.

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