AlDub News: Predictions For This Saturday?s Biggest Episode Yet, And What Can Happen To Set Another Twitter Record

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AlDub News September 26

This Saturday, September 26, will prove to be a big day for Twitter, at least as far as the whole AlDub Nation is concerned. For those of you who have been hearing/ seeing AlDub flooding your twitter feed, this phenomenon is what?s always on top of the global trending list ? an Asian couple whose unique love story is followed by fans via a one-of-a-kind split-screen presentation.

This entertainment spectacle has captured not just hundreds of thousands of viewers, but millions ? 12.1 million to be exact as recorded last Saturday as set to be the world?s most viral topic on Twitter.

This Saturday, fans are expected to set a new record with an upcoming episode written in the stars ? the leading man, Alden Richards, is now allowed to court Maine Mendoza or Yaya Dub, a feat considering the two have not met personally for weeks which is actually the basis why their love story has so much appeal. The two, despite their circumstances seemed to show real signs of attraction ? and viewers are hooked!

So what are our predictions showing this Saturday?s show will once more reach stellar success? Here are some theories:

A New Character Will Appear

For the past week, we?ve been hearing the name ?Rihanna? from Lola Nidora, the rich old lady and the series? resident anti-villain character. She is the mayordoma, or the governess of her mansion, and we?re expecting she?s adding some comic relief to the show. Will she be detrimental or key to the couple?s courtship this coming Sat? It?s anyone?s guess.

Alden will have a hard time looking for the mansion

In the last episode, Lola Nidora promised that she will email the directions to the mansion, and even send a Google map. But if any of the past episodes is any indication, something will go wrong and this might be one of it. The last time Alden went to the mansion, his eyes were blindfolded, so we?re guessing he might have a hard time finding his way. But we?re also guessing that he?ll make a last minute dash effort, and be with his lady love just in the nick of time, and the cheers of the crowd.

A new record will be set

15 million tweets? 20 million? The series? mother show, Eat Bulaga, will also be holding the National Pabebe Wave day where fans and the show?s key characters will show their support by unifying in one segment full of loving waves.

Bryan White will be in the show!

The international crooner had an unlikely break in the Philippines where the AlDub phenomenon started. His song, God Gave Me You, became the unofficial theme song of the two. Fans tracked him down to tell the tale of his song?s success (it is now the most played single on local airwaves), and the artist promised that he will come to the country and perform for the fans.

It would definitely be an added novelty if he becomes Alden?s wingman during the courtship and serenade (an old tradition admittedly greatly promoted by the show) Yaya Dub in what can be the most unforgettable episode yet.

AlDub News: Yaya Dub speaks!

And of course, our favorite theory is that Leading Lady Maine will finally be able to speak and fans will hear her voice for the first time. Maine?s character is known in the show to express her thoughts only via Dub Smash, an online app that allows people to mimic the lyrics by lipsynching and facial expression. The actress proved to be a master of this skill and has endeared her to fans worldwide.

What word will she utter? Probably what her fans are waiting for: Her sweet ?Oo? or a hearfelt ?Yes!? to Alden?s love!

What theories do you have that?s worth hearing? Sound off in the comments section below!

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