AlDub News: Is The Social Media Power Couple Ready For Ellen? Other International Stars Beginning To Notice!

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If we are to look at the current record of Asian sensation AlDub, which recently made waves by clocking 12.1 million tweets in a span of 24 hours, then it won?t come as a surprise if celebrated talk show host Ellen begins to take notice.

The host has been known to invite social media stars to her show and share their stories.

AlDub on Ellen

From the simple hashtag of #AlDub to their most recent #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate, there?s no denying that AlDub is on the verge of breaking international barriers. That?s why Filipino fans are clamoring to get their power couple on the spot of one of the most popular show from Ellen DeGeneres. Collecting more than 10 million shares, the recent hashtag from Twitter should be enough to make Ellen curious and invite them to her show and explain the magic. If this bid becomes successful, then it would be a great example oh the big influence of social media and what it can do if users put their hearts into something.

If by some miracle, you still don’t know what AlDub is, the pairing of actors Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza, also called #Aldub has enamored viewers with their unique courtship love story: The two has never even met, but they are considered to be the hottest pair at the moment by PH television.

AlDub by the millions

With the hashtag #AlDub almost trending everyday on social media, it?s no surprise that the fandom of the power couple gets bigger and bigger each passing day. If you haven?t seen Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza?s twitter followings, they have more than one million fans. And considering the fact that some of the fans don?t have twitter accounts, we can safely assume that they have an even more gigantic fan base.

Curious celebrities

Since the tandem was created by the noontime show ?Eat Bulaga,? the undeniable power couple quickly became a national sensation. Celebrities from the Philippines even became surprisingly hooked with AlDub which gave them that solid leverage they need, of course with the help of social media, to become the couple that they are today. And because of those overwhelming shares and dedicated fans, even international celebrities have been keeping up with the trend.

Some are even starting to wonder.


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