AlDub? McDo Video Link (Watch): Asian Pair Almost Overwhelmed World?s Most Viral Hashtag #Lovewins, Aims To Set New Record With New McDonalds Commercial Tomorrow

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AlDub McDo Video

Somewhere in the East is an unlikely couple that almost toppled the most trending hashtag in the history of social media. #LoveWins, the global hashtag which celebrated marriage equality ruling by the US Supreme Court, was recorded to have been used 6.2 million times all over the world in a span of 24 hours.

According to IBTimes, that meant that 35,000 Tweets using the #LoveWins was sent out per minute. This month however, an unlikely phenomenon almost toppled the record, and majority of the tweets came from only one country, the Philippines.

The hashtag #ALDUBBATTLEForACause, reached total use of almost 5.7 million tweets in 24 hours. What prompted this trending hashtag? A local love team no less, who has launched their careers via an unlikely team-up and new entertainment format only found in the Philippines.

The pairing of actors Alden Richards and Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza, also called #Aldub has enamored viewers with their unique courtship love story: The two has never even met, but they are considered to be the hottest pair at the moment by PH television.

Unique entertainment

Fans are fond of the two because of their onscreen chemistry shared only by interacting onscreen ? sharing sweet nothings and even ?screen? kisses. The fans anticipate each smile, stare and ?kiss? daily, and have propelled their careers to the skies.

The plot of their story is a modern day Cinderella marvel involving a young, pretty nanny who developed special feelings for a good looking colleague who was actually there to watch a regular show where the actress starred in.

The rest was an anthropological wonder which got viewers glued to their screen on what will happen next.

Last Saturday, the record was made when the two finally meet in person after 7 weeks of nothing but online and television interaction. Social Media in the Philippines went crazy!

AlDub McDo Video Link

And tomorrow, they are set to surpass the record of 5.7 million tweets as the two are expected to launch their first ever endorsement from McDonald?s, and if early indications show, there?s a big possibility of achieving this feat.

Will the record be set anew? I won?t be surprised if they get their new hashtag to go viral again. The Philippines after all, is not considered the social media capital of the world for nothing.

To Watch the touching video, click here.

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