AlDub Love Team Shows World Class Potential: What They?ve Achieved So Far In A Span Of Only 3 Months

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Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza has the makings of being globally-recognized figures ? just check out the achievements they?ve done so far in a span of three months! From Richards joining the ranks of the Billboard Top 10, to Yaya Dub becoming the fourth most recognized celebrity on Twitter, we take a look at why the amazing couple who broke records and made social media history in what is surely a world class tandem to be proud of:

Alden Richards in Billboard Top 10

Just recently, Alden Richards? fast-rising acting career and phenomenal singing entered him into the Billboard Top 10, a world albums chart recognizing singer from all over the world. Richards gaining recognition on the Billboard Top 10 may definitely make him both a world class actor and singer.

Yaya Dub is 4th fastest recognized celebrity on Twitter

After reaching 2 million followers on Twitter, Yaya Dub?s profile has become the fourth fastest-growing Twitter account in the world, according to Social Bakers. The actress gained a whopping 1.07 million new followers from September 11 to October 9. This remarkable world class milestone joins her with the likes of Taylor Swift (1st with 1.3 million), Katy Perry (2nd with 1.2 million), Ellen DeGeneres (3rd with 1.1 million) and Jimmy Fallon (5th with 1.04 million).

More than 25 million tweets in a day

Along with Yaya Dub?s top 4 fastest-growing Twitter account in the world is also an interesting record, which is having the fifth most tweeted hashtag in the history of Twitter (over 25 million tweets in just 24 hours). Given that the couple?is considered as new when it comes to becoming a world class couple and that surprising things are about to come this week for fans, it?s just a matter of time before we see them break their current record.

Global recognition

It has been just seven weeks since the amazing tandem was created and almost every time they became a subject on social media, records were always broken. Since having the fifth most tweeted hashtag in the history of Twitter, people around the world are slowly recognizing AlDub so it?s no excuse for the power couple to become a world-class story.

Award-winning AlDub

The power couple can now be officially called an award-winning love team as they collect awards from recognized institutions across the Philippines. Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza first received this year?s EdukCircle Awards and were named ?Most Popular Breakout Love Team.? They, along with the whole AlDub Nation (the core strength of the couple), are recipients of the 1st Catholic Social Media Award from Youth Pinoy and Areopagus Communications Inc. With the power couple?just starting, it?s still a long way to go before they stop receiving those coveted awards.

World class fans

AlDub is truly a world class story thanks to the world class fans that they have. AlDub Nation made an amazing contribution as they helped the Red Cross blood bank through their campaign called ?A Little Drop of Blood for Unity.? Thanks to fans from across the country, their donations will help a lot of people across the country. This kind of contribution can definitely be considered as world class.


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