AlDub Love: Clear Signs You?re Now A Member Of Social Media?s Fastest Growing Community ? The AlDub Nation!

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Face it, you can?t get enough of AlDub and you need to see the truth that you?re enamored with them. Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza is a tandem you just want to see and look at every day. So for those who may still be in denial that they?re hooked with the AlDub team-up, here are some clear signs for you to ponder on so you can face the fact that you?re an AlDub fanatic.

Social media insane

You know you?re an AlDub fanatic when you know every official social media account of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza by heart. And you check up on every single one of those accounts every day just to know what the couple is doing on and off the stage. And you?re definitely one of those hardcore supporters if you know how many followers they have in each accounts.


Dancing like crazy when you hear ?Dessert?

When you hear that certain Dawin song on the radio, you go crazy and dance your socks off. That ?Desserts? song is all you want to hear on the radio and once a station plays that song, you move to the next station and request for that song again.


Girls using that certain shade of lipstick

For those girls who want to be glamorous and keep up with their female celebrity idol, you try to copy that famous red lips of Yaya Dub and that MAC Ruby Woo lipstick is the one lipstick you?re saving for on special occasions and when you know you?ll see your crush. And for those who haven?t got their MAC Ruby Woo lipstick yet, we think we know what you?re going to buy this Christmas.

Boys knowing what shoes to buy next in Nike

You?ll also know that you?re an AlDub boy fan if you just want to have those shoes that Alden wore when she was following Yaya Dub on Broadway and everything else that he wears.

So close yet so far. ?

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McDonalds = AlDub

Once you get that AlDub fever, you take it with you everywhere you go. Even when you eat, you always have an AlDub reminder. So you know you?re in love with AlDub when you eat at McDonald?s and you remember that sweet TV commercial of the two.

The most common household words have meaning

Only a true-blue AlDub fan finds meaning in the following common words: Plywood, straw, long table, and ladder!

You do the ?Pabebe Wave? instead of the usual peace sign when taking photos

The love team?s own signature wave for greeting each other has also become the common gesture of people when taking photos. Before it used to be the kawaii post, but now you?ll find politicians, celebrities, athletes and the whole of AlDub Nation doing the pabebe wave instead.

You take Lola Nidora?s advice by heart ? and become a better person!

In this age of internet, Facebook and Twitter, it?s hard to find real values anymore. People are so engrossed with their own ?online popularity? they hardly pay attention to what matters. AlDub?s Lola Nidora takes us back to the good values of old by sharing little gems of knowledge that we can apply in real life.



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