AlDub Live Stream Link And International Fame: Asia?s Power Love Team Continues To Gather Global Attention!

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Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza?s popularity keeps on gaining more and more international recognition as popular personalities across the globe are getting into the AlDub phenomenon. It?s amazing that they truly have the makings of being globally recognized figures and it should be just a matter of time until they take on the world. Here are some of the recent famous personalities that are getting the AlDub fever:

Dawin would love to watch AlDub

AlDub sparked the interest of another international personality when American singer and rapper Dawin thanked AlDub when he learned that his hit single ?Dessert? was a regular part of a character?s (Lola Nidora) dance theme song. He even added in his tweet the official twitter account of the TV program Eat Bulaga and the October 12th Aldub hashtag, #ALDUBMissingYou.


Twitter Asia-Pacific and Middle East vice president Rishi Jaitly recognition

Twitter executive Rishi Jaitly officially confirmed that every AlDub tweet on the social media site is authentic. In an interview with Rappler, Rishi Jaitly talked about the AlDub tandem as a ?global phenomenon? and how millions of users are recognizing the tandem. He explained how the AlDub popularity generated more than 25 million tweets in a day and how it was just a couple of million short of the record set by Super Bowl XLIX with over 28 million global tweets.

Lifehouse tweets Maine Mendoza

Yaya Dub received a special message from a member of the international band Lifehouse to come to their concert. Famous bass player Bryce Soderberg previously left a message on Twitter inviting her to their show.

#pabebewave with Lifehouse!

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The famous rock band also got in on the AlDub craze when a user posted a photo of the members of Lifehouse doing the signature ?pabebe? wave of AlDub.

Broadway producer wants Yaya Dub for new musical

Broadway producer Shea Arendar excitingly shared a post on Facebook saying how he saw Yaya Dub on YouTube and that he was looking for a new actress for his new comedy musical. Naturally, it prompted the AlDub nation and the message was quickly shared throughout social media. It will be an amazing jump for Yaya Dub in her already rising career, but only time will tell when we can see Yaya Dub perform on Broadway.

Watch today?s exciting AlDub program by checking out the livestream link here.

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