AlDub Live Stream For Fans Across The Globe: Get Ready For The Most Unforgettable Twitter Party Ever!

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AlDub Live Stream

What makes for a successful story on Twitter? Well if you can reach more than 1 million tweets in less than hour, then that definitely counts for something! Fans of social media sensation #AlDub, has made all of that possible, and they are now up to more than 10 million tweets 10 hours later!

So what?s happening? Well one of Asia?s biggest star couple will be holding their first major concert dubbed ?Tamang Panahon? and fans have gone to social media to show their support. The concert is expected to fill the Philippine Arena ? the world?s largest convention/events center just for this occasion, and an hour to go before the show, the venue is already filled to the roof!

A look back

If you?re still wondering what AlDub is all about, here it is: Simply put, it is a unique pairing of two actors from the Philippines: Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, whose famous character ?Yaya Dub? or Nanny Dub, completed the term by combining their names.

The reason the pair suddenly became very famous is because of their start and brand of entertainment. Their unique love story ? a split screen romance (they interact only through TV screens!) coupled by a comical tale, real virtues, and the intriguing possibility of onscreen love crossing the boundaries of what?s real, is enough to hook audience both online and on television.

Full Force Support

But the success of the AlDub pair is not without help by those around them. Their unique love story gets exta-ordinary support not only from the crew, from writers with a knack for a seamless story, co-actors that have perfected spontaneity, co-hosts that have great comic timing, and the talent of the AlDub pair themselves, but also owes a lot of their success from a very supportive and solid fan base.

In less than three months, what used to be a very simple skit on television, has now been smashing records in social media left and right ? most of it, their own. From 500,000 tweets, they were able to reach 2 million, then 3 million ? beating for the first time a record set by the Pope?s visit to the country.

After that, the record set by the couple kept on getting stronger ? their hashtag #ALDUBBATTLEForACause almost broke the record set by the global #LoveWins of the US Supreme Court with 5.7 million. After that, their #ALDUBTheAbduction finally broke the #LoveWins record, and went on to set another milestone a week after with #ALDUBTheMostAwaitedDate with 12.1 million tweets.

And just this weekend, a staggering 25.6 Million tweets were recorded for their hashtag #AlDubEBForLove, sealing the couple?s place in the world?s most viral topic list.

Solid Fan Base

As we can see, these records would not have made it if not for the support of AlDub?s very solid fan base. Those who admire the couple are not just simple aficionados ? the AlDub fans, more lovingly called the AlDub Nation, is a formidable mechanism of Twitter users located all over the world.

This group is not just a bunch of love-struck individuals waiting for the next story. They are an organized group that will put a political machinery to shame just to show their support. Here?s how they work:

Trendsetters: The AlDub Nation have trendsetters who announce the official hashtag for the next day. The hashtag is usually announced a few hours before midnight, to ensure that fans can start tweeting even at the onset of next day?s event.

Hashtag Police: Sometimes fans can get overzealous and use the wrong hashtag ? an O becomes a zero, or the spelling is wrong. The hashtag police makes ?rounds? to ensure that fans use the correct words.

Quality Control Managers: A role taken on by admins of different fan clubs ? most of whom have members by tens of thousands. They ensure that hashtags are not misused, and even come out with guidelines on how to tweet correctly.

The Cheeleaders: Simply put, these are individuals who encourage fans to tweet! They tirelessly come up with cute memes of the couple, or come out with Vine videos that encourage others to share. They are usually the ones who start at 12am and finish until the last second, sore thumbs and all.

The characters: These are parody accounts of the characters in the love story, along with the couple?s co-hosts. These account users also encourage everyone to fully support the stars for the day.

The Statisticians: And of course, at the end of the day, we have the statisticians who make sure they analyze raw data and announce before the day ends, the final figure of the social media effort. The numbers are quite accurate, and used by local media to further promote the amazing fandom.

To watch what today?s celebration is about, click HERE or HERE for the live streaming.

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