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AlDub Live Stream

You?ve probably noticed your feed pummeled by hashtags with the word ?AlDub? on it. Some have definitely wondered what the whole commotion is about ? is it some sort of religion? A holiday? Most don?t even know if it?s a person, a thing, or simply an idea.

But thanks to its viral-ity (no less than a million tweets EVERYDAY), the world has definitely started to notice and got them very curious. To pacify your confusion, AlDub is a rising love team from the Philippines whose unexplained appeal stemmed from a unique love story shared only via a split screen romance. AlDub is Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza, and they have been stealing hearts all over the world.

A quick recap: Maine?s character, Yaya Dub, is a pretty nanny of an old, rich matron played by character actor Wally Bayola. She fell for the charms of a young, handsome colleague in their mother show, Eat Bulaga. Alden initially didn?t have anything to do with Maine?s skit/segment. But her accidental glance towards the actor on the split screen captured a real reaction of giddiness and admiration which has endeared Yaya?s little flame for Alden across fans from all over.

Their little love story grew in popularity and substance, and fans are captivated by the real possibility of blooming love right in front of their eyes. Are they still seeing two actors playing their respective parts? Or is it something deeper? No matter what it is, their magic has people under their spell.

Twitter dominance

This magic, now called a phenomenon, has definitely set the bar for social media success. Their fans, the commendable force called AlDub Nation, rigorously show support to their idols by taking over the Twitter universe by storm. They have set record after record, the last of which, was a formidable 25.6 million tweets that finally sealed them among the Top 5 most viral hashtags in the world.

Recently, this record was recognized by no less than Twitter itself, calling the pair?s popularity a ?phenomenon?.

According to a report, Twitter Asia Pacific and Middle East Vice President Rishi Jaitly, recognized the power of the viral tandem.

?Aldub is a global phenomenon on Twitter and shows how our platform as the social soundtrack to TV has really connected Filipinos who love a good love story,? said Jaitly in a joint press statement with a local TelCom network.

?We can?t wait to see if the live, public Aldub conversation can set global records by uniting their passionate fans, the nation, and the world on Twitter,? he added.

Another record?

The statement came after last Saturday?s 25.6 million tweets, with the most shared post coming from no less than Maine Mendoza herself ? a simple message of thanks for their fan?s continuous support of the AlDub tandem.

This Saturday, the whole AlDub Nation vows to continue their allegiance to the lovable duo as another major event is about to happen ? the fourth actual meeting of the two, this time in their mother studio at Broadway Centrum.

Will another record be set? We won?t know until the end of the day, but one thing is for sure ? the support that AlDub will get is sure to go beyond the 24-hour mark.

To watch today?s event, check out the livestream link here.

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