AlDub Live Stream And Predictions: Who Will The Couple Play In Today?s Show?

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Ever since the Tamang Panahon concert of Asia?s power couple, AlDub (the team-up of actors Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza), has been enjoying precious opportunities working together on and off screen.

People have long thought that the AlDub magic would fade once the split screen dynamic ends, but it seems fans has nothing to worry about. We?re now seeing a different side of the AlDub tandem, and people are definitely looking to what else the two can bring in terms of entertainment and their formidable fandom.

Today, we get a glimpse of yet another moment for the two to be together. The challenge? They have to perform together while donning costumes and mimicking well-known personalities for their ?Bulaga Pa More, Gaya-gaya Pa More? segment.

For the last few days, we?ve been trying to guess who the two would mimic, and we?ve tried to come-up of a possible list that we?re hoping to see today:

Iron Man and Barbie

These two unlikely characters are the ones mentioned by Alden and Maine as their favorite characters in a local magazine which had to do a reprint because it sold out in the bookstands quite early. Alden was already able to use Iron Man as his costume last Halloween, and we?re thinking it would be easy for Maine to transform into Barbie because of svelte figure and good looks. Of course, we don?t think it would be easy for Alden to hit the dance floor in such a bulky costume.

Guy And Pip

Alden and Maine are considered the Guy and Pip of this generation. Guy (Nora Aunor) and Pip (Tirso Cruz III), formed the hottest love team from years back, and people are seeing AlDub as reincarnation of the tandem. It would be easy for the two to lip-synch the songs because Alden and Maine are quite well-known for their dubsmashing skills.

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease

The AlDub love team are definitely great performers, and we think it won?t be a problem for them to sing and dance the iconic performance of Travolta and Newton-John in the hit musical, Grease.

Aladdin and Jasmine

This will probably require a really big production, but the two has been known for taking on fairytale roles like Cinderella before. An Arabian Night production would be a good show to watch!

Johnny Castle & Baby Houseman in Dirty Dancing

Wishful thinking on our part, but it would definitely be something to see Maine and Alden take on ?the dance? and ?the lift? of the famous movie on stage!

Ken & Barbie

This pairing is sort of easy to imagine. Alden and Maine are both lookers, and it?ll be easy to do this performance without much practice (the two have been very, very busy lately so we don?t think they have much time to rehearse). But we?re hoping they?d do more than just a simple rendition of Aqua?s ?Barbie Girl? which is why?

Personalities pa more!

We think that these two will have a lot under their sleeves. Knowing Eat Bulaga (the show where AlDub was born), they are sure to present something the fans least expect, like a multi-personalities performance?

So who do you think will AlDub mimic today or who are you hoping to watch? For Live Streaming, click the link here.

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