AlDub Live Stream And Predictions: Who Has The Ring Of Forever?

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Another exciting escapade awaits AlDub and the Lolas (Grandmother). The phenomenal AlDub couple, made up of Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza, with her Lola?s Nidora, Tidora, and Tinidora, take on another adventure filled with love, suspense, and laughter.

Previously we found out that Lola Nidora?s ring was missing and she gave Alden 24 hours to find it before worse comes to worst. And in case you didn?t know, the missing ring is very important to them because it?s one of her family?s greatest treasures. So what will be in store for AlDub in the days to come and who is really behind the missing ring? Here are a few of our guesses:

Frankie the culprit

Once in a while, Frankie always crosses our minds when something terrible or peculiar happens to Alden and Yaya Dub, this time is no different. Frankie has always been there to sabotage the couple?s happy ending so it?s safe to assume that he may have a part in this scheme. Although we understand how his jealousy for Alden flares up once in a while, we know that deep inside Frankie is a sweet guy that just wants to make Yaya Dub happy. So who knows? It will either be that Frankie is the culprit who took Lola Nidora?s ring or he?ll be the one who helps Alden bring it back.

Lola Babah?s evil scheme

Ever since Lola Babah, the grandmother of Alden, came to the Philippines from Russia to visit his grandson, tension began to rise between her and Lola Nidora. Everybody knows that Lola Babah wants Alden to leave Yaya Dub for a model, that?s why we can assume that she may be another reason why the ring is missing.

But there?s still the lingering question: How come Lola Babah is a suspect when she just came from Russia? Of course there?s a possibility that the grandmother of Alden couldn?t have known about the ring but there is another possibility that there might be a 3rd party helping her in the Philippines to plan a devious scheme for Yaya Dub. Either way, we?ll find out once we know Lola Babah?s true intention.

To watch the livestream of AlDub, check out this link.

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