AlDub First Date Video Livestreaming: Asia?s Social Media Wonder Set To Break Another Record In Most Viral Hashtag? Fans Power Tweet To Show Full Support!

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Last September 12, the rising Asian love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza a.ka. Yaya Dub, blew away the reigning most viral hashtag #LoveWins of the US Supreme Court, with an impressive 6.37 million tweets of their trending HT, #ALDUBTheAbduction in a span of 24-hours.

The incident was considered a phenomenon because majority of the tweets came from one country ? the Philippines, proving that the right formula to social media success is the right mix of unique television, genuine feels, and millions of adoring fans.

Unique entertainment

What is AlDub? Simply put, these are two rising TV actors who are lauded and loved for their accidental onscreen chemistry shared only by interacting on split screen ? sharing sweet nothings and even ?screen? kisses. The fans anticipate each smile, stare and ?kiss? daily, and have propelled their careers to the skies.

The plot of their story involves a modern day Cinderella in the form of a young, pretty nanny who developed special feelings for a good looking colleague who was just there to watch her doing an otherwise regular show.

The palpable chemistry of the two is intense, and the thrill of guessing if the sweetness being shared by the actors onscreen have already breached the domain of reel to real, has captured the attention of millions all over the world.


Today, that record stands to be beaten once more, as the couple is expected to have their first real date in two months, spreading the hashtag #ALDUBMostAwaitedDate, and already trending with two million tweets at 8am this morning.

Some fans are confident that they will reach a total of 10 million before the day ends, and if the previous days are any indication is to be believed (nothing less than 2 million tweets a day), then the feat is surely possible.

The show where the AlDub phenomenon originated, the 36-year old noontime show, Eat Bulaga, is known for adding twists to the celebrated love story. It can be a curfew during their first meeting, a sudden wall falling down between them when they finally saw each other up close, or a hilarious kidnapping incident ? anything can happen with this veteran variety show.

So do you think reaching 10 million tweets today is possible? First check what makes AlDub click by checking out this story, and to watch the first date via livestreaming, click here.

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